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LP = Nur auf LP
* = Von LP/MC auf CD gebrannt
MP3 = Nur als MP3

10c.c.: Are You Normal 1980 (LP)
10c.c.: Greatest Hits (MP3)
10c.c.: Live 1977 (DoCD)
10c.c.: Live 1982 (LP)
10c.c.: Live In Japan 1993 - Part 1 + 2
10c.c.: Rubber Bullets 1973 (LP)
38 Special: Resolution
44 Magnum: Street Rock'n'Roller (LP)
A La Carte: 1989 Medleys (DoCD)
A La Carte: The Wonderful Hits Of (LP)
A La Carte: Rockin' Oldies & 10 Bonus Songs
ABBA: Arrival
ABBA: Arrival/Ring Ring
ABBA: Fernando & 11 (LP)
ABBA: Gold
ABBA: Golden Stars
ABBA: Honey Honey (LP)
ABBA: Live 1977/1979/1981 (LP)
ABBA: Oro (Spanische Version des "Gold" Albums)
ABBA: Spectrum Hits
ABBA: The Album
ABBA: The Best Of
ABBA: The Very Best Of - Musikladen (DoLP)
ABBA: Voulez-Vous (LP)
ABBA: Waterloo
AC/DC: Back In Black
AC/DC: Ballbreaker
AC/DC: Black Ice 2008
AC/DC: Blow Up Your Video
AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - Australische Pressung (LP)
AC/DC: Flick Of The Switch (LP)
AC/DC: Fly On The Wall
AC/DC: For Those About To Rock
AC/DC: High Voltage
AC/DC: High Voltage - Australische Pressung (LP)
AC/DC: Highway To Hell
AC/DC: If You Want Blood (Live)
AC/DC: Jailbreak 1974 [Front]
AC/DC: Let There Be Rock
AC/DC: Live at Hammersmith, Januar 1980, Last Concert with Bon Scott
AC/DC: Live in USA
AC/DC: Powerage
AC/DC: T.N.T. - Australische Pressung (LP)
AC/DC: Stiff Upper Lip
AC/DC: The Razor's Edge
AC/DC: Who Made Who
Accept: Accept (LP)
Accept: Balls To The Wall (LP)
Accept: Breaker
Accept: Death Row (MP3)
Accept: Eat The Heat (LP)
Accept: Hungry Years (Best)
Accept: I'm A Rebel (LP)
Accept: Kaizoku Ban (Live in Japan) (LP)
Accept: Metal Heart (LP)
Accept: Objection Overrulded
Accept: Restless And Wild (LP)
Accept: Russian Roulette (MP3)
Accept: Staying Alive - Live In Osaka 1985 (DoCD)
Ace Frehley: Solo Kiss Ace
Ace Of Base: Happy Nation (US Version + 4 Bonustracks) (MP3)
Adam & Eve: Live In Concert (LP)
Adriano Celentano: Greatest Hits 3CD + More  (MP3)

Aerosmith: A Little South Of Sanity - Live 1998 (DoCD)
Aerosmith: Acoustic & More (Live 1990 - 1993)
Aerosmith: Big Ones
Aerosmith: Classics Live Complete
Aerosmith: Done With Mirrors (LP)
Aerosmith: Draw The Line
Aerosmith: Dream On (Live in USA 1993)
Aerosmith: Get A Grip
Aerosmith: Get A Life (Live in Belgien 1993)
Aerosmith: Get Your Wings
Aerosmith: Honkin' On Bobo (Special Edition with Harmonica)
Aerosmith: Just Push Play
Aerosmith: Live Bootleg
Aerosmith: Make It
Aerosmith: Night In The Ruts
Aerosmith: Nine Lives
Aerosmith: One Way Street (Live in Detroit 1974)
Aerosmith: Pandora's Box (3 CD's)
Aerosmith: Permanent Vacation
Aerosmith: Pump
Aerosmith: Rock In A Hard Place
Aerosmith: Rocking The Joint - Live In Las Vegas 2005
Aerosmith: Toys In The Attic
After The Fire: Batteries Not Included (* MP3)

Agnes: When The Night Falls
Al Bano & Romina Power: Donna Per Amore
Alan Parsons Project: Eve (LP)
Alan Parsons Project: I Robot (LP)
Alan Parsons Project: Pyramid (LP)
Alan Parsons Project: Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
Albert Hammond: 99 Miles From L.A. (LP)
Albert Hammond: It Never Rains In California (MP3)
Alex: Alex (*) 

Alice: Cosa Resta Un Fiore (LP)
Alice: Gioielli Rubati (LP)
Alice: Per Elisa (LP)
Alice Cooper: Billion Dollar Babies
Alice Cooper: Billion Dollar Babies (Special Edition) & Live 1973
Alice Cooper: Brutal Planet
Alice Cooper: Classicks + Live
Alice Cooper: Constrictor (LP)
Alice Cooper: Goes To Hell (LP)
Alice Cooper: Greatest Hits (LP)
Alice Cooper: Hey Stupid (MP3)
Alice Cooper: Killer
Alice Cooper: Lace And Whiskey (LP)
Alice Cooper: Live 1977 - The Alice Cooper Show (LP)
Alice Cooper: Love It To Death (LP)
Alice Cooper: Poison
Alice Cooper: School Days (DoLP)
Alice Cooper: Special Forces (LP)
Alice Cooper: The Last Temptation
Alice Cooper: Trash (MP3)
Alice Cooper: Welcome To My Nightmare (LP)
Alien: Alien (* MP3)

All Saints: All Saints 1997 (MP3)
All Saints: Saints & Sinners (MP3)
All Saints: The Remix Album (MP3)
Allman Brothers Band: Live 1971 At Filmore East (DoLP)
Alvin Stardust: Platinum Collection

Alvin Stardust: Rock On With Alvin (LP)
Amanda Lear: Sweet Revenge (1978)
Amanda Marshall: Amanda Marshall 1996
Amii Stewart: Knock On Wood (LP)
Amy MacDonald: This Is The Life (Special Edition)
Andrea True Connection: More More More 1976 (LP)
Andrea True: The More More More Special Edition (2000)
Andrews Sisters: Double Gold (DoCD)
Andy Bown: Come Back Romance (LP)
Angel: Helluva Band (* MP3)
Angel Witch: Angel Witch 1980 (* MP3)
Angel Witch: Live 1979 (* MP3) 

Animals: Animal Mono Tracks (LP)
Animals: Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted (LP)
Animals: House Of The Rising Sun
Animals: The Animals (LP)
Animotion: Obsession - The Best Of Animotion
Anne Bertucci: Same (LP)
Anthrax: Spreading The Disease 1985 (* MP3)
Anvil: Strenght Of Steel 1987 (* MP3)

Anyone's Daughter: Requested Documents 1980-1983 LIVE (DoCD)
Apollonia 6: Apollonia 6 (LP)
April Wine: Animal Grace (LP)
April Wine: Live - I Like To Rock
Arabesque: Arabesque IV (MP3)
Arabesque: Cabalero (MP3)
Arabesque: Deluxe (DoCD)
Arabesque: Friday Night (MP3)
Arabesque: In For A Penny / Billy's Barbeque (MP3)
Arabesque: Loser Pays The Piper (MP3)
Arabesque: Marigot Bay (MP3)
Arabesque: Peppermint Jack City Cats (MP3)
Arabesque: Radio Arabesque (MP3)
Arabesque: Super Best Of Arabesque (MP3)
Arabesque: Time To Say Goodbye (MP3)
Arabesque: Why No Reply (MP3)

Archies: Greatest Hits
Aretha Franklin: Diverses (MP3)
Argent: All Together Now 1972
Argent: Anthology
Argent: Argent
Argent: In Deep 1973
Argent: Nexus 1974
Argent: Ring Of Hands
Army Of Lovers: Luxury Overdose 1992 (MP3)

Arrow: Master Of Evil (LP)
Arthur Brown: The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
Asia: Alpha 1983 (* MP3)
Asia: Asia 1982 (* MP3)
A.T.C.: Touch The Sky (MP3)
Athen Bouzouki Band: Same (MP3)

Atomic Rooster: Rebel Without A Cause
Audrey Landers: Ariola Express - Goldene Serie
Audrey Landers: Paradise Generation (LP)
Autograph: Loud & Clear (* MP3)
Avril Lavigne: Live 2003 (MP3)
Avril Lavigne: Let Go (MP3)
Axe: Axe
Axe: Offering 1982 (* MP3)
Axel Rudi Pell: Black Moon Pyramid (MP3)

Axel Rudi Pell: Kings And Queens
Axel Rudi Pell: Magic
Axel Rudi Pell: Masquerade Ball (MP3)

Axel Rudi Pell: The Ballads I
Axel Rudi Pell: The Ballads II
Axel Zwingenberger: Boogie Woogie Classics 1992 (LP)
Axxis: II
Axxis: Back To The Kingdom (MP3)

Axxis: Kingdom Of The Night
Axxis: Matters Of Survival (MP3)
Axxis: Voodoo Vibes (MP3)
B-52's: B-52's
B-52's: Cosmic Thing
B-52's: Play Loud (LP)
B-52's: Time Capsule
Baccara: The Collection
Bachman Turner Overdrive: B.T.O.
Bachman Turner Overdrive: Freeways (1977)
Bachman Turner Overdrive: Hold On (LP)
Bachman Turner Overdrive: Live In Japan 1975
Bachman Turner Overdrive: Roll On Down The Highway
Bachman Turner Overdrive: Trial By Fire
Bachman Turner Overdrive: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (LP)
Bad Boy: Back To Back (LP)
Bad Company: Bad Company
Bad Company: Desolation Angels (LP)
Bad Company: Fame And Fortune (LP)
Balance: Balance 1 (MP3)

Balance: In For The Count (LP)
Bananarama: Drama 2006
Bangles: All Over The Light (LP)
Bangles: Best Of The Best (DoCD)
Bangles: Diferent Light (LP)
Bangles: Doll Revolution
Bangles: Everything
Barbara Clear: Live In Concert 2001
Barbara Dickson: The Album (LP)
Barclay James Harvest: Alone We Fly (MP3)

Bardot: Bardot 2001
Barry Ryan: Meisterstuecke
Bay City Rollers: Starke Zeiten (Best Of)
Beach Boys: California Girls
Beach Boys: Golden Stars
Beastie Boys: Licence To Ill (MP3)

Beatles: A Hard Days Night (MP3)
Beatles: Abbey Road (LP/MP3)
Beatles: Beatles '65 (LP)
Beatles: Beatles For Sale (LP/MP3)
Beatles: Early Tapes With Tony Sheridan (MP3)
Beatles: Help (LP/MP3)
Beatles: Hey Jude (LP)
Beatles: Let It Be (LP/MP3)
Beatles: Live At The Hollywood Bowl (LP)
Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour (LP/MP3)
Beatles: One (Remaster) (MP3)

Beatles: Please Please Me (LP/MP3)
Beatles: Revolver (LP/MP3)
Beatles: Rubber Soul (LP/MP3)
Beatles: Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (LP/MP3)
Beatles: Three Record Set (3 LP's)
Beatles: White Album (MP3)
Beatles: With The Beatles (LP/MP3)
Beatles: Yeah Yeah Yeah (LP)
Beatles: Yellow Submarine (LP/MP3)
Beautiful South: Blue Is The Colour
Bee Gees: Best Of Superstars
Bee Gees: Early Best (MP3)

Belinda Carlisle: Belinda Carlisle (LP)
Belinda Carlisle: Heaven On Earth (LP)
Belinda Carlisle: Runaway Horses (LP)
Bell, Book & Candle: Read My Sign (MP3)

Belle Epoque: Bamalama (LP)
Belle Epoque: Black Is Black (LP)
Belle Epoque: Now
Berlin: Count Three & Play (LP)
Berlin: Pleasure Victim (LP)
Bessie Smith: Dixie Flyer Blued (MP3)
Betsy: Betsy (LP)
Betsy: Be My Slave (LP/CD)
Betsy: The Bitch Is Back (LP/CD)
Betsy/Bitch: A Rose By Any Others Name
Betsy/Bitch: Damnation Alley (LP/CD)
Bette Midler:  Beaches 1988
Bette Midler:  Bette Of Roses 1995
Bette Midler:  For The Boys 1991
Bette Midler:  Gypsy 1993
Bette Midler:  I'm Beautiful
Bette Midler:  No Frills 1983
Bette Midler:  Some People's Lives 1990
Bette Midler: That's Entertaiment (LP)
Bette Midler: The Divine Miss M.
Bette Midler: The Rose
Bette Midler: Thights And Whispers
Bette Midler: To Deserve You
Betty Legler: Rock For The Lady (LP)
Bif Naked: Bif Naked 1995
Bill Haley: Gold
Bill Haley: R.O.C.K. (LP)
Bill Haley: Rock Around The Clock (LP)
Bill Woody: Organized Noise 1979 (LP)
Bill Wyman: Willie & The Poor Boys (MP3)

Billi Myer: Stolen Kiss
Billy Idol: VH-1 Storytellers
Billy Idol: Vital Idol - Maxi Versionen (LP)
Billy Joel: Glasshouses (LP)
Billy Joel: Storm Front (LP)
Billy Joel: Turnstiles (LP)
Billy Ocean: In Motion
Billy Workman: Boogie Home 1978 (LP)
Birth Control: Baeng!
Birth Control: Count On Dracula (LP)
Birth Control: Hoodoo Man
Birth Control: Live 1979 (LP)
Birth Control: Hoodoo Man (LP)
Black Crowes: America 1994 (MP3)

Black Gospel Singers: Gospel Sensation
Black Russian: Mystified (LP)
Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath (LP + MP3)
Black Sabbath: Born Again (LP + MP3)
Black Sabbath: Eternal Idol (LP)
Black Sabbath: Forbidden (MP3)
Black Sabbath: Headless Cross (LP)
Black Sabbath: Heaven And Hell
Black Sabbath: Live At Last (LP + MP3)
Black Sabbath: Live Evil (MP3)
Black Sabbath: Master Of Reality (MP3)
Black Sabbath: Mob Rules (MP3)
Black Sabbath: Never Say Die (LP + MP3)
Black Sabbath: Paranoid (LP + MP3)
Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath: Sabotage (MP3)
Black Sabbath: Technical Ecstasy (MP3)
Black Sabbath: Vol.2 (LP)
Black Sabbath: Vol.4 (LP + MP3)
Black Sabbath: We Sold Our Soul For Rock'n'Roll (DoLP)
Black Sweden:  Gold
Blackfoot: Live - On The Run
Blackfoot: Vertical Smiles (LP)
Blackmore's Night: Shadow Of The Moon 1997 [Front]  [Back]
Blackmore's Night: Under A Violet Moon 1999 [Front]
Black'n'Blue: In Heat (* MP3)
Black'n'Blue: Without Love 1985 (* MP3)
Blind Guardian: A Night At The Opera (MP3)
Blind Guardian: Somewhere Far Beyond (MP3)
Blondie: Autoamerican (LP)
Blondie: Atomic - Best Of [Front]
Blondie: Blondie (CD+Bonus) [Front]
Blondie: Denis (Best)
Blondie: Eat To The Beat (LP)
Blondie: Koo Koo (LP)
Blondie: Live in USA
Blondie: No Exit
Blondie: Parallel Lines (CD & Bonustracks)
Blondie: The Hunter (LP)
Blondie: Plastic Letters (LP)
Blue Oyster Cult: Blue Oyster Cult 1972
Blue Oyster Cult: Heaven Forbid 1998
Blue Oyster Cult: Secret Treaties 1974
Blue Ridge Rangers: BLR (MP3)

Blues Band: Ready (LP)
Blues Brothers: Blues Brothers Soundtrack 1 (MP3)

Blues Traveler: Straight On Till Morning 1997
Bo Andersen & Bernie Paul: Moments In Love (LP)
Bo Diddley: I'm A Man (MP3)
Bob Dylan: At Budokan - Live 1978 (DoLP)
Bob Dylan: Desire (LP)
Bob Dylan: Greatest Hits Vol.2 (DoCD)
Bob Dylan: Greatest Hits Vol.3 (LP)
Bob Dylan: Hard Rain (LP)
Bob Dylan: Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid (LP)
Bob Dylan: Slow Train Coming (MP3)

Bob Dylan: The Times They Are A-Changing
Bob Dylan & The Band: Live In Concert 1974 (DoLP)
Bob Marley: Greatest Hits (MP3)
Bob Marley: Reggae King (3 CD Box) (MP3)

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band: Live Bullet 1976 (DoLP)
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band: Stranger In Town (LP)
Bob Welch: Collection (LP)
Body Count: Born Dead (MP3)

Bon Jovi: Blaze Of Glory
Bon Jovi: Crush (MP3)
Bon Jovi: Keep The Faith (MP3)
Bon Jovi: Live In New York (MP3)

Bon Jovi: New Jersey
Bon Jovi: One Wild Night (Live) (MP3)

Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet
Bon Jovi: These Days
Bon Scott: Seasons Of Change 1968-1972 (LP)
Boney M: 10.000 Lightyears 1984 (MP3)
Boney M: Boonoonoonoos 1981 (MP3)
Boney M: Eye Dance 1985 (MP3)
Boney M: Happy Christmas 1981 (MP3)
Boney M: Hit Collection (3 CD's)
Boney M: Kalimba Di Luna 1984 (MP3)
Boney M: Love For Sale 1977 (MP3)
Boney M: Nightflight To Venus 1978 (LP/MP3)
Boney M: Oceans Of Fantasy (MP3)
Boney M: Remix Album 1988 (MP3)
Boney M: Take The Heat Of Me 1976 (MP3)
Bonnie Bianco: Cinderella '87 (LP)
Bonnie St. Claire: Greatest Hits
Bonnie St. Claire: Pierrot
Bonnie Tyler: Faster Than The Speed Of Night 1983
Bonnie Tyler: Hide Your Heart  / Turtle Blues
Bonnie Tyler: Love Songs
Bonnie Tyler: One Voice 1998
Bonnie Tyler: Secret Dreams And Forbidden Fire 1986
Bonnie Tyler: Simply The Best
Bonnie Tyler: The Hits (LP)
Bosquito: Farame Din Soare (MP3)

Boston: Don't Look Back
Bow Wow: Holy Expedition - Live 1983 (LP)
Brainfever: Face To Face (*)
Brandos: Gunfire At Midnight 1992 (MP3)

Brian Connolly: B.C.'s Sweet 1996 (LP)
Brian Conolly: Bertl Edition (MP3)

Brian Connolly: Take Away The Music + Demos + Unitone Rockers
Brian May & Friends: Star Fleet Project (LP)
Brian Setzer Orchestra: Dig That Crazy Christmas 2005
Brian Setzer Orchestra: Dirty Boogie
Brian Setzer Orchestra: Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy 2005 (MP3)

Brigitte Bardot: And God Created The Woman (LP)
Britney Spears: Baby One More Time
Britney Spears: In The Zone
Bruce Springsteen: 18 Tracks (MP3)

Bruce Springsteen: Born In The USA
Bruce Springsteen: Devils + Dust 2005 (MP3)
Bruce Springsteen: Live 1975 - 1985
Bruce Springsteen: Lucky Town (MP3)
Bruce Springsteen: The Rising (MP3)

Bruce Springsteen: The River
Bryan Adams: Live 1988
Bryan Adams: Waking Up The Neighbours (MP3)

Bubi The Schmied & Roy Last: The Schmied
Buddy Holly: The Best Of (DoLP)
Buffy Sainte Marie: She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina 1971
Buffy Sainte Marie: The Best Of
But Alive: Mixed (MP3)
Butterfly Jones: Napalm Springs (MP3)

C.C.Catch: Big Fun (LP)
Cactus Brothers: 24 Hours
Cacumen: Bad Widow (LP)
Camel: Breathless 1978 (* MP3)

Camel: Mirage (CD/LP)
Candlemass: Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (MP3)

Candy Dulfer: Saxuality (MP3)
Canned Heat: Greatest Hits (LP)
Carly Simon: Boys In The Trees (LP)
Caro: It's Nothin' But Higher (LP)
Caro: Lady Of High Society (LP)
Carolyne Mas: Modern Dreams (LP)
Carpenters: Greatest Hits (MP3)
Carpenters: Made In America (* MP3)
Cars: The Cars (LP)
Cars: Anthology & Greatest Hits
Cascada: Truly Madly Deeply (9 Versionen)
Cat Stevens: Greatest & More (MP3)

Catatonia: Platinum Collection (MP3)
CCS: CCS II 1972
CCS: The Best Band In The Land 1973
CCS: Whole Lotta Love
Celine Dion: A New Day Has Come (MP3)
Celine Dion: Deux (MP3)
Celine Dion: Falling Into You (CD/MP3)

Celine Dion: For You (MP3)
Celine Dion: Let's Talk About Love (MP3)
Celine Dion: Live In Las Vegas 2004
Celine Dion: Miracle (MP3)
Celine Dion: MTV Presents... (MP3)
Celine Dion: Sil Suffisait Daimer (MP3)
Celine Dion: These Are Special Times (MP3)
Charlie: Charlie (LP)
Charlie: Fantasy Girls 1976
Charlie: Fight Dirty (LP)
Charlie: Lines (LP)
Charlie Daniels Band: Million Mile Reflections 1979
Charon: Made In Aluminium (* MP3)

Chastain: Mystery Of Illusion
Cheap Trick: Dream Police (LP)
Cheap Trick: In Colour (LP)
Cheap Trick: Live At Budokan 1978 (LP)
Cheap Trick: One On One (LP)
Cher: 16 Originals
Cher: Cher 1987
Cher: You Better Sit Down Kids
Cherie & Marie Currie: Messin' With The Boys (LP)
Cherie Currie: Beauty's Only Skin Deep (LP)
Cherry Bombz: Hot Girls In Love (LP)
Cherry Vanilla: Venus D'Vinyl 1979 (LP)
Chi Coltrane: The Best Of
Chicago: Best (1997)
Chicago: Greatest Hits (LP)
Chris Andrews: Greatest Hits (LP)
Chris De Burgh: Best Moves (LP)
Chris De Burgh: Live in Dublin 1990
Chris De Burgh: Man On The Line (LP)
Chris De Burgh: Spark To A Flame (LP)
Chris Rea: Road To Hell (MP3)

Christie: Christie 1970
Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera (MP3)
Chroming Rose: Garden Of Eden (MP3)

Chubby Checker: Still Twistin'
Chuck Berry: Back In The USA (DoLP)
Cilla Black: 20 Original Hits (LP)
Cinderella: Heartbreak Station (MP3)

Cinderella: Live In Arkansas 1990
Cinderella: Long Cold Winter
Circus Of Power: Same (* MP3)

City Boy: Heads Are Rolling (MP3)
Clannad: Div. (MP3)
Clawfinger: Use Your Brain (MP3)
Cliff Richard: Hit Collection (LP)
Cliff Richard: The 70's
Cliff Richard: The 80's
Clint Eastwood & General Saint: Stop This Train
Clout: Clout 1 (LP)
Clout: Six Of The Best (LP)
Cockney Rebel: Greatest Hits
Cockney Rebel: Live & Unleashed
Colosseum: Valentyne Suite (LP)
Company B.: Gotta Dance 1989 (MP3)

Company Of Snakes: Here They Go Again (Live)  [Front]   [Back]
Complex Range: The Madness Behind
Connie Francis: Among My Souveniers
Connie Francis: Lovesongs (LP)
Connie Francis: Millenium Collection
Coverdale & Page: David Coverdale & Jimmy Page
Cozy Powell: Over The Top (LP)
Cream: Collection (DoCD) (MP3)

Cream: Live Cream (LP)
Cream: Pop Giants (LP)
Cream: Very Best Of
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bayo Country 1969 (MP3)
Creedence Clearwater Revival: CCR 1968 (MP3)
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Choolin' 1981 (MP3)
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Cosmos Factory 1970 (MP3)
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Creedence Country 1981 (MP3)

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Gold
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Green River
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Live In Europe 1973 (MP3)

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Live In Germany 1973 (LP)
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Mardi Gras 1972 (MP3)
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Pendulum 1970 (MP3)
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Willy And The Poorboys 1969 (MP3)
Crimson Glory: Crimson Glory (MP3)

Crucified Barbara: In Distortion We Trust
Crystal Bernard: Don't Touch Me There (MP3)
Crystals: Greatest Hits
Cycle Sluts From Hell: Same
Cyndi Lauper: A Night To Remember
Cyndi Lauper: She's So Unusual
Cyndi Lauper: True Colors
D.A.D.: No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims (MP3)
Damien: Every Dog Has Its Day (MP3)

Dana Gillespie: Where Blue Begins (LP)
Dare: Out Of The Silence (LP)
Dark Sky: Living & Dying (MP3)

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beacky, Mick & Tich: Greatest Hits
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beacky, Mick & Tich: Grosse Erfolge (LP)
Dave Stewart: Spiritual Cowboys (LP)
David Bowie: Aladdin Sane 1973 (MP3)
David Bowie: Best
David Bowie: Black Tie White Noise 1993 (MP3)
David Bowie: Christiane F. (LP/CD)
David Bowie: David Bowie 1967 (MP3)
David Bowie: Heathen 2002 (MP3)
David Bowie: Heroes 1977 (MP3)
David Bowie: Hours 1999 (MP3)
David Bowie: Hunky Dory 1971 (MP3)
David Bowie: Let's Dance 1983 (MP3)
David Bowie: Lodger 1979 (MP3)
David Bowie: Never Let Me Down 1987 (MP3)
David Bowie: Outside Australia 1995 (MP3)
David Bowie: Pinups (LP)
David Bowie: Reality 2003 (MP3)
David Bowie: Stage - Live 1978 (DoLP)
David Bowie: Tin Machine 1989 (MP3)
David Bowie: Tonight + 3 Bonus (CD/MP3)
David Bowie: Unreleased 1993 (MP3)
David Bowie: Young Americans 1975 (MP3)
David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust (LP)
David Byron Band: On The Rocks 1981 (MP3)

David Byron Band: Take No Prisoners
David Cassidy: The Higher They Climb (LP)
David Coverdale: Into The Light
David Coverdale: Restless Heart
David Hasselhoff: Crazy For You (LP)
David Hasselhoff: David
David Hasselhoff: Looking For Freedom
David Lee Roth: Eat Em And Smile (LP)
David Lee Roth: Little Mouth (MP3)

David Lee Roth: Skyscraper (LP)
David Lindley: El Rayo Live 1982 (LP)
Death In Vegas: Scorpio Rising (MP3)
Debbie McClendon: Morning Light (LP)
Dee D. Jackson: Cosmic Dancer (Automatic Lover)
Dee D. Jackson: Lightning
Deep Purple: 24 Carat Purple (LP/CD)
Deep Purple: Abandon 1998
Deep Purple: April (LP)
Deep Purple: Bananas
Deep Purple: Burn (LP/CD)
Deep Purple: Come Taste The Band
Deep Purple: Days May Come And Days May Go (Sessions vom Juni 1975)
Deep Purple: Deep Purple 1969 (Remaster & Bonus)
Deep Purple: Fireball (LP)
Deep Purple: Fireball (25th Anniversary Edition)
Deep Purple: Hell Or High Water (Live 1993, Stuttgart + England)
Deep Purple: Hush
Deep Purple: Live At The Olympia 1996
Deep Purple: Live At The Royal Albert Hall 1970 (LP)
Deep Purple: Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2000
Deep Purple: Live In Birmingham At The NEC, 09.11.1993
Deep Purple: Live In Californien, Long Beach Arena, 1976
Deep Purple: Live In Hongkong 2001
Deep Purple: Live In Melbourne 2001
Deep Purple: Live In Newcastle 2001
Deep Purple: Live In Stuttgart, Schleyer-Halle, 16.10.1993
Deep Purple: Live In Tokyo 24.03.2001
Deep Purple: Live In Tokyo 25.03.2001
Deep Purple: Live In Wollongong 2001
Deep Purple: In Rock
Deep Purple: In Rock (Anniversary Edition)
Deep Purple: Into The Fire (Live in Stockholm 1970)
Deep Purple: Knocking At Your Backdoor  [Front]
Deep Purple: Live In Knebworth 1985
Deep Purple: Machine Head  1972
Deep Purple: Made In Europe - Live 1976 Part 1 (LP/CD)
Deep Purple: Made In Europe - Live 1976 Part 2 (LP)
Deep Purple: Made In Japan
Deep Purple: Mark I & II (DoLP)
Deep Purple: Nobody's Perfect
Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers (LP)
Deep Purple: Purpendicular
Deep Purple: Scandinavian Nights (Live DoCD)
Deep Purple: Shades Of Deep Purple & Bonus Tracks
Deep Purple: Singles A's + B's
Deep Purple: Slaves And Masters 1990
Deep Purple: Stormbringer 1974
Deep Purple: The Battle Rages On
Deep Purple: The Book Of Taliesyn + Bonus
Deep Purple: The House Of Blue Light
Deep Purple: Who Do We Think We Are + Bonus
Def Leppard: Adrenalize
Def Leppard: Euphoria  [Front]
Def Leppard: High'n'Dry (LP)
Def Leppard: Hysteria (LP)  [Front]
Def Leppard: Live USA 1988
Def Leppard: On Through The Night
Def Leppard: Pyromania (LP)
Def Leppard: Retro Active
Def Leppard: Songs From The Sparkle Lounge 2008
Delany & Bonnie: On Tour - Live 1970 (LP)
Demon: Heart Of Our Time (LP)
Demon: The Unexpected Guest (LP)
Depeche Mode: Playing The Angel 2005 (MP3)

Diana Ross: Baby It's Me (LP)
Diana Ross: Red Hot Rhythm And Blues (LP)
Diana Ross: Ross (LP)
Diana Ross: Ross - Direct Metal Mastering (LP)
Diana Ross: To Love Again (LP)
Diana Ross: Why Do Fools Fall In Love (LP)
Dick Dale & His Del-Tones: King Of The Surf-Guitar
Dido: Div. (MP3)

Dio: Diamonds - Best Of (MP3)
Dio: Dream Evil
Dio: Evil Or Divine (MP3)
Dio: Holy Diver (CD)
Dio: Intermission - Live (MP3)
Dio: Killing The Dragon (MP3)
Dio: Live In Osaka, 22.06.2000 (DoCD)
Dio: Lock Up The Wolves (MP3)
Dio: Magica (MP3)
Dio: Master Of The Moon (MP3)
Dio: Sacred Heart (MP3)
Dio: Strange Highways (MP3)
Dio: The Last In Line (MP3)
Dio: The Last In Live 1 (Live)
Dio: The Last In Live 2 (Live)
Dio: Wild One (MP3)
Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms (MP3)

Dire Straits: Communique
Dire Straits: Money For Nothing
Directia 5: Directia 5 (MP3)

Divinefire: Glory Thy Name
Divinefire: Hero (MP3)

D.J. Bobo: Just For You (MP3)
D.J. Ötzi: Today Is The Day (MP3)
Dolly Parton: All I Can Do 1976
Dolly Parton: Burlap & Satin 1983
Dolly Parton: Dolly Dolly Dolly 1980
Dolly Parton: Gold
Dolly Parton: Great Balls Of Fire 1979
Dolly Parton: Halos & Horns
Dolly Parton: Heartsongs
Dolly Parton: I Will Always Love You
Dolly Parton: New Harvest 1977
Dolly Parton: Real Love 1985
Dolly Parton: Straight Talk
Dolly Parton: The Great Pretender (LP)
Dolly Parton: Think About Love (LP)
Dolly Parton: Those Were The Days
Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris: Trio (LP)
Domain: Before The Storm  (MP3)
Domain: Crack In The Wall (MP3)
Don Felder: Airborne (* MP3)
Don Henley: I Can't Stand Still (LP)
Don McLean: American Pie (LP)
Donna Summer: Donna Summer 1982 (LP)
Donna Summer: Funstreet
Donna Summer: Golden Stars
Donna Summer: Live & More Encore VH-1 [Front]
Donna Summer: Live 1977 / 1978
Donna Summer: Love To Love You Baby
Donna Summer: Star Gold (DoLP)
Donna Summer: The Wanderer (LP)
Donnas: Get Skintight
Donovan: Starsound Collection (LP)
Doors: Box Set (6 CD's)
Doors: L.A. Woman (LP)
Doors: Light My Fire  [Front]
Doors: Live At The Hollywood Bowl 1968 (LP)
Doro: Angels Never Die
Doro: Classic Diamonds 2004
Doro: Force Majeure (LP)
Doro: Machine II Machine
Doro: Rare Diamonds
Doro: True At Heart
Dr.Feelgood: Fast Women Slow Horses (LP)
Dr.Hook: A Little Bit More
Dr.Hook: Live 1981 (LP)
Dr.Hook: Sylvia's Mother
Dr.Hook: The Ballad Of Lucie Jordan (LP)
Dr.John: Rock Classics (LP)
Dragon Attack: A Tribute To Queen
Dread Zeppelin: Un Led Ed (LP)
Dream Theater: A Change Of Seasons
Dubliners: Millenium Collection
Duff: Believe In Me (MP3)

Duffo: Bob The Birdman (LP)
Eagles: Hotel California (LP)
Eagles: Live 1976/1980
Eagles: The Long Run (LP)
Earth, Wind & Fire: Best Of (MP3)

Earthquake: Live (LP)
Eddie & The Hot Rods: Life On The Line (LP)
Edguy: Hellfire Club (MP3)
Edie Brickell: Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars (MP3)

Edgar Winter Group: Shock Treatment 1974 (LP)
Edwin Hawkins Singers: Oh Happy Day (LP)
Elaine Paige: Queen Album (* MP3)

Electric Light Orchestra: A New World Record (LP)
ELF (Dio): Carolina Country Ball
ELF (Dio): Trying To Burn The Sun
Elkie Brooks: Round Midnight 1993
Elkie Brooks: The Last Teardrop
Ellen Foley: Another Breathe + 5
Ellen Foley: Night Out 1979
Ellen Foley: Spirit Of St. Louis + 3
Elsa: Rien Que Pour Ca (LP)
Elton John: Leather Jackets (LP)
Elvis Presley: Elvis Forever 1 (LP)
Elvis Presley: Elvis Forever 2 (LP)
Elvis Presley: Part 1 + 2
Emilia: Big Big World 1999 (MP3)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Black Moon
Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Brain Salad Surgery
Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Live At Isle Of Wight 1970
Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Live in Polen 1997
Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Pictures At An Exhibition (LP)
Emmylou Harris: Profile, Best Of
Engelbert: 1989 (LP)
Engelbert: Best Of 1986 (LP)
Ennio Morricone: The Music Of (LP)  [Front]
Eric Burdon: American Dreams
Eric Burdon: Star Portrait CD 28706
Eric Burdon: The Best Of (LP)
Eric Clapton: No Reason To Cry (LP)
Eric Clapton: The Best Of (LP)
Eric Clapton: Time Pieces
Eric Darling: Blue Grass Music (MP3)

Eros Ramazotti: Dove C'e Musica
Eros Ramatozzi: In Certi Momenti (* MP3)

Eros Ramazotti: Musica E' (Best)
Eros Ramazotti: Nuovi Eroi (MP3)
Eros Ramazotti: Ramazotti Greatest (MP3)

Eros Ramazotti: Stilelibero
Eruption: Best Of
Espen Lind: Red (MP3)
Etta James: Greatest Hits
Europe: The Final Countdown (LP)
Eurythmics: Greatest Hits (MP3)

Everly Brothers: Backline Rock Classics (MP3)
Everly Brothers: Reunion Concert 1983 - 3LPs (*MP3)
Extreme: Three Sides To Every Story (MP3)

Fanny: Rock And Roll Survivors (LP)
Fats Domino: Greatest Hits 1
Fats Domino: Greatest Hits 2
Fiddler's Green: Chain Reaction
Fiddler's Green: King Sheperd
Fiddler's Green: On And On
Fiddler's Green: Stagebox - Live (DoCD)
Finster Baby: Take A Lick And See (MP3)

Fivethousand Volts: 5000 Volts (LP)
Fischer Z: Word Salad (LP)
Fight (Robert Halford): Mutations Live & Remix
Fist: Back With A Vengeance (LP)
Flash & The Pan: Flash Hits
Fleetwood Mac: Greatest Hits (LP/CD)  [Front]
Fleetwood Mac: Live 1980 (DoLP)
Fleetwood Mac: Rumours
Fleetwood Mac: Starsound Collection (LP)
Fleetwood Mac: The Best Of Fleetwood Mac (LP)
Fleetwood Mac: Tusk (LP)
Flirts: Flirts (LP)
Flirts: Made In America (LP)
Flirts: Passion (LP)
Focus: Ship Of Memories (LP)
Foghat: Live - Eight Days On The Road
Foghat: Zig-Zag Walk (LP)
Fool's Garden: Dish Of The Day (MP3)
Forbidden: Distortion (MP3)
Forbidden: Forbidden Evil (* MP3)
Forbidden: Green
Foreigner: 4 (LP)
Foreigner: Agent Provocateur (LP)
Foreigner: Double Vision (LP)
Foreigner: Foreigner (LP)
Foreigner: Head Games (LP)
Foreigner: Records - Best
Foreigner: Unusual Heat
Four Non Blondes: Bigger, Better, Faster, More
France Gall: Babacar
France Gall: Tour De France - Live 1988 (DoLP)
Francis Rossi (Status Quo): King Of The Doghouse
Frankie Miller: Standing On The Edge (LP)
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons: Silver Anniversary Collection (3 LP's)
Franz Ferdinand: You Could Have It So Much Better
Freddie Mercury: The Album
Free: At Last (Remaster) + Bonus
Free: Fire And Water (Remaster) + Bonus

Free: Free (Remaster) + Bonus
Free: Heartbreaker (Remaster) + Bonus
Free: Highway (Remaster) + Bonus
Free: Live 1971 (Remaster + Bonus)

Free: Tons Of Sobs (Remaster + Bonus)
Frijid Pink: Frijid Pink 1970
Fuzzbox: We've Got A Fuzzbox (LP)
Gamma Ray: Blast From The Past (MP3)
Gamma Ray: Powerplant (MP3)
Gardyne Chamber Ensemble: Lord Of The Riverdance (MP3)

Garland Jeffreys: Escape Artist (LP)
Gary Glitter: Live & Alive
Gary Glitter: The Leader (LP)
Gary Glitter: The Leader II 1990
Gary Moore: After The War (*)
Gary Moore: Blues Alive (Live)
Gary Moore: Run For Cover
Gary Moore: Still Got The Blues (*)
Gene Pitney: 24 Hours From Tulsa
Genesis: Genesis (incl. Mama)
Genesis: Invisible Touch
Genesis: Turn It On Again (Best of 1981-1983)
Genesis: We Can't Dance
Gentle Giant: Champions Of Rock - Best
Geordie: Can You Do It
Geordie: Save The World (LP)
Geordie: Strange Man (LP)
Geordie: Ten Feet Tall (LP)
George Harrison: Dark Horse (LP)
George McCrae: Rock Your Baby
George Thorogood: Born To Be Bad 1987 (LP)
George Thorogood: Live in '99
George Thorogood: Live In Ohio 1986
George Thorogood: Ride 'til I Die 2003
Gorege Thorogood: Rock Till I Die 2003 (MP3)
George Thorogood: The Baddest Of
Georgia Satellites: Open All Night (* MP3)
Georgia Satellites: Same (* MP3)
Gerry & The Pacemakers: Gold
Gianna Nannini: 1976 (* MP3)
Gianna Nannini: California (* MP3)
Gianna Nannini: Gianissima (Live 1991)
Gianna Nannini: Latin Lover (* MP3)
Gianna Nannini: Maschi E Altri (* MP3)
Gianna Nannini: Profumo (* MP3)
Gianna Nannini: Tutto Live 1984 (*)
Gilla: Bend Me Shape Me (CD/LP)
Gilla: I Like Some Cool Rock'n'Roll
Girlschool: Bertl Collection (MP3)

Girlschool: C'mon Let's Go
Girlschool: Demolition (LP)
Girlschool: Girlschool 1992
Girlschool:  Hit And Run (LP + CD/Bonus-Tracks)
Girlschool: Live At King Bisquit (Live 1984)  [Front]
Girlschool: Not That Innocent
Girlschool: Nightmare At Maple Cross (LP)
Girlschool: Play Dirty (LP)
Girlschool: Race With The Devil - Best (DoLP)  [Front + Back]
Girlschool: Race With The Devil - Live 1998
Girlschool: Running Wild (LP)
Girlschool: Screaming Blue Murder
Girlschool: Take A Bite
Girlschool: The Collection 1
Glenn Kaiser Band: Blues Of Hope (MP3)

Glenn Miller: In The Mood (LP)
Gloria Estefan: Cuts Both Ways (MP3)
Gloria Estefan: Exitos De (LP)
Gloria Estefan: Greatest Hits (MP3)

Gloria Gaynor: Power Of Love
Goddo: King Of Broken Hearts (MP3)

GoGo's: Talk Show (LP)
Golden Earring: Bloody Buccaneers
Golden Earring: Contraband
Golden Earring: Cut
Golden Earring: Eight Miles High
Golden Earring: Face It
Golden Earring: Golden Earring
Golden Earring: Golden Greats
Golden Earring: Grab It For A Second
Golden Earring: Keeper Of The Flame (LP)
Golden Earring: Live 1977  (DoCD)
Golden Earring: Live 1981  (DoCD)
Golden Earring: Mad Love (LP)
Golden Earring: Moontan
Golden Earring: Paradise In Distress
Golden Earring: Prisoner Of The Night
Golden Earring: Singles 1965-1967
Golden Earring: Switch 1974
Golden Earring: The Best Of (LP)
Golden Earring: To The Hilt
Gotthard: Dial Hard (MP3)
Gotthard: Homerun (MP3)
Gotthard: Human Zoo 2003 (MP3)
Gracia: Intoxication
Grand Funk Railroad: Anthology (3 CD's)
Grand Funk Railroad: Capitol Collectors
Grand Funk Railroad: Caught In The Act
Grand Funk Railroad: Grand Funk Hits (LP)
Grand Funk Railroad: Live Album (DoCD)
Great White: Let It Rock (MP3)

Great White: Recovery Live
Greatful Dead: Without A Net (Live / DoCD) (MP3)

Greg Kihn Band: Kihntagious (LP)
Groove Armada: Love Box (MP3)

Guano Apes: Don't Give Me Names (MP3)

Guess Who: Canned Wheat 1966 (LP)
Guess Who: These Eyes
Guitar Slingers: Guitar Slingers (DoCD)
Guitar Wolf: Planet Of The Wolves (MP3)

Gun: Maxi Singles / Word Up (MP3)
Guns'n'Roses: Appetite For Destruction
Guns'n'Roses: Lies  [Front]
Guns'n'Roses: Spaghetti Incident (MP3)
Guns'n'Roses: Use Your Illusion II (MP3)
Guru Guru: Dance Of The Flames
Hammerfall: Glory To The Brave
Hammerfall: Legacy Of Kings (MP3)

Hank Williams jr.: Born To Boogie 1987 (LP)
Hanoi Rocks: Back To Mystery City (LP)
Hanoi Rocks: Bangkok Shocks (LP)
Hanoi Rocks: Oriental Beat (LP)
Hanoi Rocks: Self Destruction Blues (LP)
Hardline: Double Eclipse
Harlequin: Greatest Hits
Harmony: Dreaming Awake
Harriet: Woman To Man
Harry Belafonte: Best Of  (MP3)

Harry Belafonte: Golden Records (LP)
Hawkwind: Live 1988
Hawkwind: Space Ritual Live 1996
Hawkwind: Masterpiece 1970 - 1975 (LP)
Haysi Fantayzee: Battle Hymns For Children Singing (LP)
Head East: A Different Kind Of Crazy (LP)
Headboys: Headboys (LP)
Headhunter: Parody Of Life (MP3)

Heart: Brigade (LP)
Heart: Heart 1980 & Live (LP)
Heart: Heart 1985 (LP)
Heart: Magazine (LP)
Heart: Simply The Best
Heaven's Gate: Hell For Sale
Heaven's Gate: In Control
Heavy Pettin': Lettin' Loose (* MP3)

Heidi Bruehl: Think Of Me (LP)
Helen Schneider: Breakout (LP)
Helen Schneider: Crazy Lady (LP)
Helen Schneider: Exposed Pink (LP)
Helen Schneider: Exposed Yellow (LP)
Helen Schneider: Let It Be Now (LP)
Helen Schneider: Smuggled Out A-Live 1983 (LP)
Helen Schneider: Starparade (DoLP)
Helen Schneider: With The Kick 1 (LP/CD)
Hellion: Screams In The Night (* MP3)

Helix: Long Way To Heaven (LP)
Helix: No Rest For The Wicked (LP)
Hello: Their Greatest Hits (LP)
Helloween: Helloween Plus (MP3)

Helloween: Keeper Of The Seven Keys 1+2
Helloween: Time Of The Oath (MP3)

Herman's Hermits: Greatest Hits (LP)
Herman's Hermits: Legends
Hole: Violet
Hollies: 20 Greatest Hits (LP)
Hollies: Original Gold (2 CD's)
Holocaust: The Nightcomers (LP)
Holograf: Holograf (MP3)
Holograf: Pur Si Simplu 2003 (MP3)
Horslips: Aliens (LP)
Horslips: Short Stories & Tall Tales (LP)
Hot Chocolate: Original Hits
House Of Lords: House Of Lords (LP)
House Of Lords: Sahara (MP3)
Hurricane: Take What You Want (* MP3)
Ian Anderson: Divinities (MP3)
Ian Anderson: Rupis Dance (2003) (MP3)
Ian Anderson: First german Conversation (MP3)
Ian Gillan: Best
Ian Gillan: Future Shock (LP)
Ian Gillan: Glory Road (LP)
Ian Gillan: Mr. Universe (LP)
Ian Hunter: Collection
Ian Hunter: Overnight Angels (LP)
Ian Hunter: Shades Of Ian Hunter/Ballad Of Mott The Hoople (DoLP)
Ian Hunter: Short Back'n'Sides (LP)
Ian Hunter: Welcome To The Club (Live) (DoLP)
Ian Hunter: You're Never Alone With A Schizohrenic (LP)
Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson: Yui Orta (*)
Ian Lloyd: Goose Bumps (LP)
Ina & The Ring: Karlin (CSSR LP)
Inga Rumpf: Reality (LP)
Irene Cara: What A Feelin' (LP)
Iron Butterfly: In A Gadda Da Vida
Iron Butterfly: Live 1970 (LP)
Iron Butterfly: Scorching Beauty (LP)
Iron Maiden: B-Sides Album (MP3)
Iron Maiden: Brave New World (MP3)
Iron Maiden: Dance Of Death 2003
Iron Maiden: Fear Of The Dark
Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden (MP3)
Iron Maiden: Killers (MP3)
Iron Maiden: Live After Death
Iron Maiden: Maiden England - Live 1980 (EP)
Iron Maiden: Maiden Japan - Live 1981 (EP)
Iron Maiden: No Prayer For The Dying (MP3)

Iron Maiden: Number Of The Beast (MP3)
Iron Maiden: Piece Of Mind (MP3)
Iron Maiden: Powerslave (MP3)
Iron Maiden: Rock In Rio (Live)   [Front]
Iron Maiden: Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (MP3)
Iron Maiden: Somewhere In Time (MP3)
Iron Maiden: The X-Factor (MP3)
Iron Maiden: Virtual XL (MP3)
It's A Beautiful Day: It's A Beautiful Day
J.Geils Band: Freeze Frame (LP)
J.Geils Band: Live 1972 - Full House (LP)
Jade: If You're Man Enough (LP)
Jamie Fricke: From The Heart 1979 (* MP3)

Janis Joplin: Box Of Pearls
Janis Joplin: Master Series (LP)
Janis Joplin: Starsound Collection (LP)
Jeanette Biedermann: Break On Through
Jeanette Biedermann: Delicious
Jeanette Biedermann: Enjoy (2000)
Jeanette Biedermann: Merry Christmas
Jeanette Biedermann: Naked Truth (2006)
Jeanette Biedermann: Rock My Life
Jeff Beck: The Most Of Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart (* MP3)
Jeff Cooper & The Stoned Wings: Tribute To Jimi Hendrix (LP)
Jeff Healey: Hell To Pay
Jefferson Airplane: Jefferson Airplane 1989 (LP)
Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit - LIVE
Jefferson Starship: Earth (LP)
Jefferson Starship: No Protection (LP)
Jennifer Paige: Crush 1998 (MP3)
Jennifer Rush: Credo
Jennifer Rush: Jennifer Rush (LP)
Jennifer Rush: Movin' (LP)
Jennifer Rush: Power Of Jennifer Rush
Jeronimo: Cosmic Blues (LP)
Jethro Tull: A Passion Play (1973) (MP3)
Jethro Tull: Anniversary Collection Extra (MP3)
Jethro Tull: Aqualung (Anniversary) (MP3)
Jethro Tull: Benefit (1970) (MP3)
Jethro Tull: Catfish Rising (1991) (MP3)
Jethro Tull: Crest Of A Krave (1987) (MP3)
Jethro Tull: Roots To Branches (1995) (MP3)
Jethro Tull: Stormwatch (1979) (MP3)
Jimi Hendrix: Bertl Collection (MP3)

Jim Steinman: Bad For Good
Jim Steinman: Pandora's Box
Jimmy Page: Outrider
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant: Walking Into Clarksdale
Jiri Brabec & The Country Beat: Golden Country Hits (LP)
Jive Bunny: ... plays ABBA
Joan Baez: Gracias A La Vida 1974
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: First (LP)
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: Hit List (LP)
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: I Love Rock'n'Roll (LP)
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: Notorious
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: Pure & Simple 1994
Jodimars: Well Now Dig This 1957
Joe Cocker: Greatest Hits 1972 - 1976
Joe Cocker: Live 1980
Joe Cocker: Night Calls
Joe Cocker: The Best Of (LP)
Joe Lynn Turner: Fandango 1982 (LP)
Joe Walsh: Definitive Collection
Joe Walsh: Got Any Gum 1987 (LP)
John Denver: Annie's Song
John Denver: Sunshine On My Shoulders
John Denver: Take Me Home Country Roads Vol.1
John Denver: Take Me Home Country Roads Vol.2
John Lawton: Hardbeat (LP)
John Lee Hooker: The Collection (MP3)
John Lee Hooker: The Healer (LP)
John Lennon: Imagine (LP)
John Lennon: Rock'n'Roll (LP)
John Lennon: Shaved Fish (LP)
John Lennon: Walls And Bridges (LP)
Johnny & The Hurricanes: Best Of
Johnny Cash: 1958 - 1986
Johnny Cash: Greatest Hits
Johnny Rivers: Live 1 (1964 Whiskey A Gogo)
Johnny Rivers: Live 2 (1964 - 1967 John Lee Hooker & More Whiskey A Gogo) 
Johnny Rivers: Live 3 (Olympia Theater Paris, 23.05.1973)
Johnny Rivers: The Originals
Jon Lord: Before I Forget (1982) (MP3)
Jon Lord: Gemini Suite (1970) (MP3)
Jon Lord: Pictured Within (1999) (MP3)
Jon Lord: Sarabande (1976) (MP3)
Jon Lord: Windows (1974) (MP3)
Jon Lord + Alvin Lee: Detroit Diesel (1986) (MP3)
Jon Lord + Tony Ashton: First Of The Big Bands (1974) (MP3)
Jon Lord + Tony Ashton + Ian Paice: Malice In Wonderland (1976) (MP3)

Joni Mitchell: Don Juan's Reckless Daughter (DoLP)
Joshua: Surrender (* MP3)
Journey: Best Of (* MP3)
Journey: Captures - Live 1981 (DoLP)
Journey: Departure (LP)
Journey: Greatest Hits (*)
Journey: Trial By Fire
Judas Priest: Angel Of Retribution (Special Edition mit DVD)
Judas Priest: British Steel
Judas Priest: Defenders Of The Faith
Judas Priest: Jugulator (MP3)
Judas Priest: Killing Machine
Judas Priest: Live Meltdown 1998
Judas Priest: Nostradamus 2008
Judas Priest: Painkiller
Judas Priest: Point Of Entry (LP)
Judas Priest: Priest Live 1986 + Bonus (MP3/CD)
Judas Priest: Ram It Down 1998
Judas Priest: Rocka Rolla 1974
Judas Priest: Sad Wings Of Destiny 1976
Judas Priest: Saints & Sinners (Live In London 1981)
Judas Priest: Screaming For Vengeance
Judas Priest: Sin After Sin (LP)
Judas Priest: Stained Class
Judas Priest: The Best Of Judas Priest (LP)
Judas Priest: Time Wind - Metal Rock (DoLP)
Judas Priest: Turbo

Judas Priest: Unleashed In The East - Live inkl. 4 Bonus Tracks
Judie Tzuke: I Am The Phoenix 1981 (LP)
Judie Tzuke: Sportscar 1980 (LP)
Judy Garland: Volume 1 (LP)
Juice Newton: Bertl Collection (*)
Juice Newton: Dirty Looks (LP)
Jutta Weinhold: Below The Line
Jutta Weinhold: Coming 1976 (LP)
Jutta Weinhold: J.W. 1978 (LP)
Jutta Weinhold: Too Be Or Not
K.C. & The Sunshine Band: Best Of
Kansas: Power 1986 (* MP3)
Karla De Vito: Cool World 1981 (LP)
Karthago: Requiem
Karthago: Rock'n'Roll Testament
Kathy Kelly: The Best Of
Katia Maria Yelin: Keep Trying 1991 (LP)
Katrina & The Waves: Walk On Water 1997 (MP3)

Keel: Final Frontier (LP)
Keith Emmerson & The Nice: La Grande Storia Del Rock (LP)
Kelly Family: Almost Heaven
Kelly Family: Growing Up
Kelly Family: Live 1988
Kelly Family: Over The Hump
Kelly Marie: Feels Like I'm In Love
Kelly Marie: Ultimate Collection (DoCD)
Ken Hensley: A Glimpse Of Glory 1999 (MP3)
Ken Hensley: Eager To Please 1975

Ken Hensley: Free Spirit 1981 (MP3)
Ken Hensley: From The Landsdowne Tapes 2002 (MP3)
Ken Hensley: From Time To Time 1994 (MP3)
Ken Hensley: Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf 1973 (MP3)
Ken Hensley: Running Blind 2002 (MP3)
Ken Hensley + John Lawton: The Return (Live, 2001) (MP3)
Ken Hensley + John Wetton: More Than Conqueros (Live, 2002) (MP3)
Ken Hensley + John Wetton: One Way Or Another 2002 (MP3)

Kiki Dee: I've Got The Music In Me (LP)
Killer: Ladykiller (* MP3)
Killer: Thriller (* MP3)
Killroy: GEM (MP3)

Kim Carnes: Cafe Racers (LP)
Kim Carnes: The Early Years (LP)
Kim Carnes: Voyeurs (LP)
Kim Wilde: Catch As Catch Can 1983 (LP)
Kim Wilde: Close 1988 (LP)
Kim Wilde: Kim Wilde 1981 (LP)
Kim Wilde: Select 1982 (LP)
Kim Wilde: Teases And Dares 1984 (LP)
Kim Wilde: The Hits
Kincade: Dreams Are Ten A Penny (Best)
King: Gravelands (CD/MP3)
King: Return To Splendor (MP3)
King Crimson: Compact King Crimson
King Crimson: In The Court Of The Crimson King
King Diamond: Abigail (MP3)
King Diamond: Dark Sides (MP3)
King Diamond: Them (MP3)
Kinks: Collection (DoLP)
Kinks: Very Best Of (2 CD's)
Kiss: Alive I (DoLP)
Kiss: Alive II (DoLP)
Kiss: Alive III  [Front]
Kiss: Alive IV - Symphony (DoCD)
Kiss: Best Of Solo Albums (LP)
Kiss: Creatures Of The Night (LP)
Kiss: Destroyer (LP)
Kiss: Double Platinum
Kiss: Dressed To Kill (MP3)
Kiss: Dynasty
Kiss: Love Gun  [Front + Back]
Kiss: Psycho Circus
Kiss: Revenge
Kiss: Rock And Roll Over (LP)
Kiss: Smashes, Trashes & Hits (LP/CD)
Kiss: Solo Ace Frehley
Kiss: Solo Gene Simmons
Kiss: Solo Paul Stanley
Kiss: Solo Peter Criss
Kiss: The Elder (LP)
Kiss: Unmasked
Kix: Hot Wire (MP3)
Kix: Kix 1981 (LP)
Knack: Serious Fun 1991 (MP3)
Korn: Issues (MP3)
Kraan: Andy Nogger 1974
Kraan: Famous Years Compiled
Kraan: Kraan 1971 / 1972
Kraan: Let It Out 1975
Kraan: Live 1975

Kreator: Endless Pain & Bonus Tracks (MP3)
Kreator: Extreme Agression (MP3)
Kris Kristofferson: Jesus Was A Capricorn (LP)
Kris Kristofferson: Spooky Ladys Sideshow (LP)
Krokus: Alive And Screaming 1986 (MP3)
Krokus: Anthology (MP3)
Krokus: Change Of Address 1986 (MP3)
Krokus: Definitive Collection (MP3)
Krokus: Fire & Gasoline 2004 (MP3)
Krokus: Hardware 1981 (MP3)
Krokus: Headhunter 1983 (MP3)
Krokus: Heart Attack 1988 (MP3)
Krokus: Krokus 1976 (MP3)
Krokus: Live At Montreaux 2004 (MP3)
Krokus: Metal Rendezvouz 1979 (MP3)
Krokus: One Vice At A Time 1982 (MP3)
Krokus: Pay It In Metal 1978 (MP3)
Krokus: Rock The BLock 2003 (MP3)
Krokus: Round 13 - 1999 (MP3)
Krokus: Stampede
Krokus: Stayed Awake All Night 1989 (MP3)
Krokus: The Best Of
Krokus: The Blitz 1984 (MP3)
Krokus: To Rock Or Not To Be 2003 (MP3)
Krokus: To You All 1977
Kula Shaker: K (MP3)
Kula Shaker: Peasants Pigs Astronauts (MP3)

Kylie Minogue: Enjoy Yourself
Kylie Minogue: Kylie (LP)
L.A. Guns: Vicious Circle (MP3)

La Bionda: One For You (LP)
La Düsseldorf: La Düsseldorf 1976 (MP3)
La Fee: La Fee 2006
Las Ketchup: Hijas Del Tomate
Laura Branigan: Branigan
Laura Branigan: Platinum Collection
Laura Branigan: Self Control
Leaves Eyes: Vinland Saga (2005)
Led Zeppelin: I 1969 (MP3)
Led Zeppelin: II 1969
Led Zeppelin: III 1970
Led Zeppelin: BBC Sessions / Live in London 1969 + 1971
Led Zeppelin: Coda 1982
Led Zeppelin: Houses Of The Holy 1973 (MP3)
Led Zeppelin: How The West Wos Won - Live 1972 Californien (3 CD)
Led Zeppelin: In Through The Out Door 1979
Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin 1971 (MP3)
Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti 1975 (MP3)
Led Zeppelin: Presence 1976 (MP3)
Led Zeppelin: Remasters 1990
Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains The Same 1976 (MP3)
Lee Aaron: Bodyrock  [Front]
Lee Aaron: Call Of The Wild (MP3)
Lee Aaron: Lee Aaron (LP)
Lee Aaron: Metal Queen (MP3)

Lee Rocker: The Best & Live (MP3)
Lene Lovich: No Man's Land (LP)
Leningrad: 1999 Mat Bez Elektrichestva (MP3)
Leningrad: 2000 Dachniki (MP3)
Leningrad: 2001 Made In Jopa (MP3)
Leningrad: 2002 Pirati XXI Veka (MP3)
Leningrad: 2002 Tochka (MP3)
Leningrad: 2003 Dlya Milionov (MP3)
Leningrad: 2003 Soundtrack Bumer (MP3)

Leningrad Cowboys: 1917 - 1987
Leningrad Cowboys: Bertl Collection (MP3)

Leningrad Cowboys: Global Balalaika Show - Live 2003 (DoCD)
Leningrad Cowboys: Go America
Leningrad Cowboys: Go Space
Leningrad Cowboys: Go Wild
Leningrad Cowboys: Happy Together
Leningrad Cowboys: Live In Provinzz
Leningrad Cowboys: Mongolian Barbeque
Leningrad Cowboys: Terzo Mondo
Leningrad Cowboys: Thank You Very Many
Leningrad Cowboys: Total Balalaika Show (Live)
Leningrad Cowboys: We Cum From Brooklyn
Leningrad Cowboys: Zombies Paradise 2006
Leo Sayer: The Best Of (MP3)

Les Humphries Singers: Best Of & New Songs
Les Humphries Singers: Carnival (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Golden Stars
Les Humphries Singers: Golden World Of (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Happy Sounds (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Live 1972 (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Live In Concert (Hamburg, 20.11.1971) (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Live In Europe '73 (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Mama Loo (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Mama Loo (Best Of)
Les Humphries Singers: Mega Remix 1989 (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Mexico (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Old Man Moses (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: One Of These Days (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: One Night Band Stand (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Party On The Rocks (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Rock My Soul (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Singing Detonation (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Singing Explosion (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Singing Kaleidoscope (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Singing Rotation (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Sound '73 (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: Sound '74 (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: The World Of (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: We'll Fly You To The Promised Land (LP)
Les Humphries Singers: We Are Going Down Jordan (LP)
Liane Foly: Reve Orange (LP)
Liege Lord: Burn To My Touch (LP)
Lilac Angels: Hard To Be Free (* MP3)

Linda Ronstadt: Greatest Hits Vol.1 (LP)
Linda Ronstadt: Greatest Hits Vol.2 (LP)
Linda Ronstadt: Living In The USA (LP)
Linda Ronstadt: Mad Love (LP)
Linda Ronstadt: Simple Dreams (LP)
Linda Susan Bauer: Dynamite (LP)
Lionsheart: Pride In Fact (MP3)

Lipstick: At The Discotheque
Lisa Dominique: Rock & Roll Lady (LP)
Lita Ford: Black
Lita Ford: Dancin' On The Edge (LP)
Lita Ford: Dangerous Curves
Lita Ford: Out For Blood (LP)
Lita Ford: Stiletto (LP/CD)
Little Feat: Chinese Work Songs
Little Feat: Under The Radar
Little Johnny: Country Songs (MP3)
Little Richard: 20 Original Hits (LP)
Little Richard: Gold
Little Steven: Freedom No Compromise (MP3)

London Symphony Orchestra: Classic Rock (LP)
Lonesome Riders: 20 Western Greats
Lordi: Get Heavy
Lords: 20 Jahre - Gold Collection (*)
Lords: In Black And White
Lords: The Lords
Los Paraguayos: Amor - Greatest Hits (MP3)
Lou Reed: Transformer (LP)
Loudness: Birthday Eve (* MP3)
Loudness: Hurricane Eyes (* MP3)
Loudness: Thunder In The East (* MP3)
Love Sculpture: Classic Tracks (LP)
Love Sculpture: Forms & Feelings
Loverboy: Big Ones 1981 (MP3)

Loverboy: Loverboy (LP)
Loverboy: Wildside (MP3)

Lucifer's Friend: Rock Heavies (LP / *)
Lucifer's Friend: Sneak Me In 1980 (LP / *)
Lulu: Best Of
Luv: Forever Yours
Luv: Lots Of Luv
Luv: True Luv
Luv: With Luv
Lynsey de Paul: No Honestly (LP)
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Gimme Back My Bullets (LP)
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Live 1987
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Nuthin' Fancy
Lynyrd Skynyrd: One More From The Road
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Retrospective
Madam X: We Reserve The Right To Rock
Madonna: Bedtime Stories
Madonna: Confessions On A Dance Floor
Madonna: Erotica (LP)
Madonna: Hard Candy 2008
Madonna: Immaculate Collection
Madonna: True Blue (LP)
Maggie Bell: Midnight Flyer (LP)
Maggie Bell: Rock Legends (LP)
Mago de Oz: Finis Terra (DoCD - MP3)
Mago de Oz: Diverse (MP3)
Majestic Vanguard: Beyond The Moon (MP3)

Malice: Crazy In The Night
Malice: In The Beginning (LP)
Malice: License To Kill (LP)
Mamas & Papas: 16 Of Their Greatest Hits (LP)
Mamas & Papas: Best Of (2 CD's)
Mammoth: Mammoth 1987 (LP)
Man: Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics (LP)
Mandaryna: Mandaryna.com (Polnischer Pop)
Manilla Road: Open The Gates (*)
Manowar: Battle Hymns
Manowar: Fighting The World
Manowar: Gates Of Valhalla (Live 1987)
Manowar: Hail To England (LP)
Manowar: Hell On Stage (Live)
Manowar: Into Glory Ride
Manowar: Kings Of Metal (LP)
Manowar: Live In Germany
Manowar: Louder Than Hell
Manowar: Sign Of The Hammer
Manowar: Steel Warriors
Manowar: Triumph Of Steel
Manowar: Warriors Of The World
Manfred Mann: Angel Station (LP)
Manfred Mann: Attention Vol.2 (LP)
Manfred Mann: Live In Budapest 1983 (LP)
Manuela: Hey Look At Me Now (LP)
Marc Seaberg: California Gold (LP)
Mariah Carey: 1'ns (MP3)
Mariah Carey: 1990 (MP3)
Mariah Carey: Daydream (MP3)
Mariah Carey: Rainbow (MP3)
Marianna Faithful: Broken English (LP)
Marillion: Seasons End (MP3)

Marillion: Real To Reel (LP)
Marilyn Manson: Mechanical Animals
Marilyn Manson: The Golden Age Of Grotesque
Marilyn Monroe: Diamonds (Best Of)
Marilyn Monroe: Everlasting (LP)
Marilyn Monroe: Greatest Hits (LP)
Mark Farner: Just Another Injustice (LP)
Mark Farner: Wake Up (LP)
Mark Knopfler: Golden Heart
Marshall Tucker Band: Together Forever
Martha Reeves: Greatest Hits
Marti Webb: Tell Me On A Sunday 1979 (LP)
Maywood: Cantado En Espanol
Maywood: Colour My Rainbow (LP)
Maywood: Different Worlds
Maywood: Late At Night
Maywood: Walking Back To Happiness
MC 5: Kick Out The Jams (Live 1968)
McAuley/Schenker Group: MSG (MP3)
McAuley/Schenker Group: Save Yourself  (MP3)
Meat Loaf: Bad Attitude
Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell
Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell (25th Anniversary Edition)
Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell 2 - Back Into Hell
Meat Loaf: Blind Before I Stop (LP)
Meat Loaf: Couldn't Have Said It Better
Meat Loaf: Dead Ringer
Meat Loaf: Live 1987
Meat Loaf: Live Februar 2004 With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Meat Loaf: Meat Loaf & Stoney 1978 (LP)
Meat Loaf: Midnight At The Lost And Found
Meat Loaf: Sex God In Concert
Meat Loaf: Very Best Of
Meat Loaf: Welcome To The Neighbourhood
Megadeth: Rust In Peace (MP3)
Megadeth: Youthanasia (MP3)
Mekong Delta: Music Of Erich Zann (MP3)

Melanie: 20 Super Hits (LP)
Melanie: Live in Belgien 1992
Melanie: Music Mirror Nickel Song
Melanie: New Recordings
Melanie C: Northern Star (MP3)
Melanie C: Reason 2003 (MP3)
Melissa Etheridge: Acoustic (Live)
Melissa Etheridge: Brave And Crazy (MP3)

Melissa Etheridge: Melissa Etheridge 1988
Mercy Rule: Overruled (*)
Mercyful Fate: In The Beginning (MP3)

Meredith Brooks: Bluring The Edges
Metal Church: Hanging In Balance 1993 (MP3)
Metal Church: Live (MP3)
Metal Marathon: Fast, Hardware, Slowdown, Watch Out (LP)
Metallica: And Justice For All 1988 (MP3)
Metallica: Garage Days Re-Revisited 1987 (MP3)
Metallica: Garage Inc. (DoCD) (MP3)
Metallica: Kill 'em All (MP3)  [Front]
Metallica: Live 1992 in Canada
Metallica: Live Shit Binge Purge 1993 (MP3)
Metallica: Load (MP3)

Metallica: Master Of Puppets (MP3)
Metallica: Metallica 1991 (MP3)
Metallica: Reload (MP3)
Metallica: Ride The Lightning (MP3)  [Front]
Metallica: S & M (MP3)
Metallica: St. Anger (MP3)
Michael Jackson: Blood On The Dancefloor (MP3)
Michael Jackson: Invincible (MP3)
Michael Schenker Group: Best Of (MP3)
Michael Schenker Group: Built To Destroy (LP)
Michael Schenker Group: MSG 1980 (LP)
Middle Of The Road: A New Chapter
Middle Of The Road: Four Tracks 1970/1971 (LP)
Middle Of The Road: Greatest Hits
Middle Of The Road: Grosse Erfolge (LP)
Middle of The Road: Star Discothek (LP)
Midnight Oil: Diesel And Dust
Miguel Brown: So Many Men So Little Time (MP3)
Mike Batt: Schizophonia
Mike Oldfield: Crises
Millie Jackson: Live 1979 & 1982 (DoCD)
Milva: Sinfonia D'amore
Mindstorm: Mindstorm (LP)
Mink De Ville: Savoir Faire 1981 (LP)
Mixed Emotions: Best Of
Molly Hatchet: Devil's Canyon
Money: Trust Me (LP)
Monkees: 20 Smash Hits (LP)
Monkees: I'm A Believer (Greatest Hits)
Moon Martin: Very Best Of
Mort Shuman: The Best Of (LP)
Motels: Motels (LP)
Mother's Finest: Live 1979
Motley Crue: Dr.Feelgood
Motley Crue: Motley Crue (MP3)
Motley Crue: Shout At The Devil (MP3)
Motorhead: 1916  [Front]
Motorhead: Best Of
Motorhead: Eat The Rich (LP)
Motorhead: Motorhead 1977 (* MP3)
Motorhead: Inferno
Motorhead: Live (Master Tone Records)
Motorhead: Motorhead
Motorhead: No Sleep Till Hammersmith (LP)
Motorhead: On Parole (LP)
Motorhead: Orgasmatron (LP)
Motorhead: Rock History (DoCD)
Motorhead: Snake Bite Love (MP3)
Motors: First Album 1977 (* MP3)
Motors: Tenement Steps +2  1980 (* MP3)
Mott The Hoople: A Tale Of Two Cities (Live 1971 + 1972)
Mott The Hoople: All The Young Dudes 1972
Mott The Hoople: Drive On
Mott The Hoople: Mott 1972
Mott The Hoople: Shouting And Pointing 1976
Mott The Hoople: The Hoople 1974
Mott The Hoople: Two Miles From Heaven (LP)
Mountain: Best Of (LP)
Mountain: Millenium Collection
Mouth & MacNeal: The Singles & More (DoCD)
Moxy: Moxy 1976 (LP)
Moxy: Ridin' High (LP)
MUD: feat. Les Gray
MUD: Greatest Hits (LP)
MUD: Mudpack (LP)
MUD: Original Hits
Mulberry Lane: Run Your Own Race
Mungo Jerry: Hits & More
Mungo Jerry: In The Summertime (LP)
Nadine Expert: Excuse Me Monsieur (LP)
Nancy Sinatra: Greatest Hits (LP)
Narnia: The Great Fall
Nash The Slash: Children Of The Night (LP)
Nazareth: Boogaloo
Nazareth: Close Enough For Rock'n'Roll
Nazareth: Expect No Mercy (LP)
Nazareth: From The Vaults
Nazareth: Greatest Hits (LP)
Nazareth: Hair Of The Dog
Nazareth: Homecoming (Live 2002)
Nazareth: Live
Nazareth: Loud'n'Proud
Nazareth: Malice In Wonderland
Nazareth: Move Me
Nazareth: Nazareth
Nazareth: Rampant (+ 4 Bonus Tracks)
Nazareth: Razamanaz
Nazareth: Road To Nowhere (Sampler)
Nazareth: Snakes'n'Ladders
Nazareth: Snaz Live 1981
Nazareth: Sound Elixir (LP)
Nazareth: The Story Of Nazareth (DoCD)
Neil Diamond: Live Diamond (LP)
Neil Diamond: Thank The Lord For The Nighttime
Neil Diamond: Songbook (LP)
Neil Sedaka: Greatest Hits (LP)
Neil Young: Only Love Can Break Your Heart
New Eyes: Midnight Generation (LP)
New World: Best Of New World
Niagara: La Verite 1992
Nice: Intermezzo
Nick Cave: Murder Ballads (MP3)
Nicolette Larson: Rose Of My Heart 1986 (* MP3)

Night: Night (LP)
Night Ranger: Dawn Patrol (LP)
Nightingale: Crying (MP3)
Nightwing: Black Summer (LP)
Nightwish: Over The Hills And Far Away + Live
Nikka Costa: Everybody Got Their Something (MP3)

Nikki & The Corvettes: 1980 (LP)
Nina Simone: My Baby Just Cares For Me
Nirvana: Demos (LP)
Nirvana: In Utero (MP3)

Nite City: Nite City (LP)
No Angels: Ellements
No Angels: Now...us (Winter Edition) (MP3)

No Bros: Our Own Way (LP)
No Bros: Ready For The Action (LP)
No Dice: 2 Faced (LP)
Nu Shooz: Poolside (LP)
O.M.D.: Pacific Age
Oasis: What's The Story Morning Glory (MP3)

Ofra Haza: Shaday (LP)
Oliver Shanti: Well Balanced
Olivia Newton-John: Banks Of The Ohio (Long Versionen)
Olivia Newton-John: Clearly Love (LP)
Olivia Newton-John: Come On Over (LP)
Olivia Newton-John: I Honestly Love You
Olivia Newton-John: Let Me Be There (LP)
Olivia Newton-John: Soul Kiss (LP)
Olivia Newton-John: Totally Hot (LP)
Omega: Omega (LP)
Omega: Omega 3 (LP)
Omega: Skyrover (LP)
Opium Jukebox: Bhangra Bloody Bhangra - Tribute To Black Sabbath (MP3)
Opium Jukebox: Never Mind The Bhangra - Tribute To Sex Pistols (MP3)
Opus: Life Is Life (LP)
Orange Pecko: Newborn (MP3)

Orchids: The Orchids (LP)
Original Sin: Sin Will Find You Out (LP)
Other Ones: The Other Ones (LP)
Outlaws: Ghost Riders (* MP3)
Outlaws: Los Hombres Malo (* MP3)
Ozzy Osbourne: Bark At The Moon (LP)
Ozzy Osbourne: Down To Earth (MP3)
Ozzy Osbourne: Live & Loud (Live 1992, DoCD)
Ozzy Osbourne: No Rest For The Wicked (LP)
Ozzy Osbourne: Speak Of The Devil (Live 1982) (DoLP)
Ozzy Osbourne: Talk Of The Devil (Live 1982)
Ozzy Osbourne: Tribute To Randy Rhoades (Live)
Pantera: Great Southern Trendkill (MP3)
Pantera: Reinventing The Steel (MP3)
Party Sound A Gogo: Same (LP)
Pat Benatar: Crimes Of Passion 1980
Pat Benatar: Get Nervous (LP)
Pat Benatar: Gravity's Rainbow
Pat Benatar: Heartbreaker (LP)
Pat Benatar: In The Heat Of The Night 1979
Pat Benatar: Innamorata
Pat Benatar: Live 1980
Pat Benatar: Live From Earth 1983 (LP)
Pat Benatar: Live In Philadelphia
Pat Benatar: Precious Time (LP)
Pat Benatar: Tropico (LP)
Pat Benatar: Wide Awake In Dreamland 1988
Pat Boone: In A Metal Mood 1997
Patricia Kaas: Scene De Vie (Live)
Patti Smith Group: Easter
Patti Smith Group: Horses
Patti Smith Group: Radio Ethiopia
Patti Smith Group: The Dream Of Life
Patti Smith Group: Wave
Paul Anka: 20 Greatest Hits (* MP3)

Paul Kossoff: Back Street Crawler 1973
Paul McCartney: 16 Best
Paul McCartney: McCartney 1970 (LP)
Paul McCartney: Pipes Of Peace 1983 (LP)
Paul McCartney: Tripping The Live Fantastic - Live 1990 (DoCD)
Paul McCartney: Tug Of War 1982 (LP)
Paul McCartney & The Wings: Band On The Run 1973 (LP/CD)
Paul McCartney & The Wings: Wings Over America - Live 1976 (DoCD)
Paul Rodgers: Live At Loreley 1995
Paul Rodgers: Now
Paul Stanley: Live To Win 2006 (MP3)

Paul Stanley: Solo Paul Kiss (LP)
Pavlov's Dog: Pampered Mental (LP)
Pendragron: Window Of Life (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys: Discography (MP3)
Pete Townshend: The Iron Man (MP3)

Peter, Paul & Mary: Great Songs
Peter Green: A Case For The Blues (MP3)

Peter Green: In The Skies (LP)
Peter Hofmann: Rock Classics 1982 (* MP3)

Peter Tosh: Mama Africa 1983 (LP)
Peter Wolf: Lights Out 1984 (LP)
Petra: Beat The System (* MP3)

Petula Clark: Hit Singles Collection (DoLP)
Phantom Blue: Built To Perform 1993
Phantom Blue: Phantom Blue (LP)
Phil Collins: But Seriously (LP)
Phil Collins: Seriously (MP3)

Phil Lynott: Solo In Soho (LP)
Phyllis Rhodes: End Of Forever (LP)
Pink: I'm Not Dead 2006 (MP3)

Pink Floyd: A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
Pink Floyd: Animals 1977 (CD/MP3)
Pink Floyd: Atom Heart Mother (LP)
Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon 1973 (CD/MP3)
Pink Floyd: Division Bell
Pink Floyd: London '66 - '67
Pink Floyd: Meddle 1971 (MP3)
Pink Floyd: More 1969 (MP3)
Pink Floyd: Obscured By Clouds 1972 (MP3)
Pink Floyd: Relics 1971 (MP3)
Pink Floyd: The Final Cut 1983 (CD/MP3)
Pink Floyd: The Wall 1979 (MP3)
Pink Floyd: The Wall - Live in Berlin 1990
Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here 1975 (CD/MP3)
Pink Floyd: Works 1983 (MP3)
Pipettes: We Are The Pipettes (2007)
Plasmatics: Coup D'Etat (LP)
Plasmatics: Coup d'Etat 1980 & Butcher Baby Live Maxi 1982 (* MP3)

Plasmatics: Live 1980 (LP)
Plasmatics: Maggots (LP)
Plasmatics: Wendy O. Williams W.O.W. (LP)
Poco: Rose Of Cimarron (LP)
Poco: Under The Gun (LP)
Pogues: Hell's Ditch 1990 (MP3)

Pogues: Red Roses For Me (LP)
Pogues: The Best Of The Rest
Point Blank: Airplay (LP)
Point Blank: On A Roll (LP)
Point Blank: The Hard Way (LP)
Pointer Sisters: Hot Together (LP)
Poison: Live 1991
Poison: Look What The Cat Dragged In (MP3)

Police: Outlandos D'amour 1978 (MP3)
Police: Regatta De Blanc 1979 (MP3)
Police: Synchronicity 1983 (MP3)
Precious Metal: Right Here, Right Now (LP)
Pretenders: Get Close (LP)
Pretenders: Packed (MP3)

Pretenders: Pretenders (LP)
Pretty Maids: Future World
Pretty Maids: Jump The Gun
Prince: Emancipation (3er CD) (MP3)
Prince: Purple Rain
Princess Pang: Trouble In Paradise
Procol Harum: A Salty Dog
Procol Harum: Conquistor
Procol Harum: Home
Procol Harum: Shine On Brightly
Promises: Promises (LP)
Propagandhi: Less Talk More Rock (MP3)
Pseudo Echo: Race 1989 (MP3)

Public Image: First Issue (LP)
Puppini Sisters: Betcha Bottom Dollar 2006
Pussycat: First Of All
Pussycat: Greatest Hits
Pussycat: Simply To Be With You
Pussycat: Souveniers
Pussycat: Wet Day In September
Quartz: Live Quartz 1979 (LP)
Queen: A Day At The Races   [Front]
Queen: A Night At The Opera   [Front]
Queen: Greatest Hits 1   [Front]
Queen: Greatest Hits 2   [Front]
Queen: Hot Space (LP)
Queen: Jazz (MP3)
Queen: Live At Wembley (DoCD)
Queen: Live Killers 1979 (DoLP *)
Queen: Made In Heaven   [Front]
Queen: News Of The World (LP)
Queen: Queen (LP)
Queen: Queen II (LP)
Queen: The Works (MP3)
Queen & George Michael: Five Live 1993
Queens Of Heart: On The Road
Queensryche: Operation Livecrime (Live 1991)
Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime
Queensryche: Live in Tokyo 1984
Queensryche: Promised Land (MP3)
Queensryche: Queen Of The Reich (LP/CD)
Queensryche: Rage For Order (LP)
Quiet Riot: Condition Critical (LP / *)
Quiot Riot: Long & Live Versionen 1983 (LP / *)
Quiet Riot: Metal Health + 4 (LP / *)
Radio Stars: Songs For Swinging Lovers (LP)
Raffaela Carra: 1982 (LP)
Rage: Nice'n'Dirty (LP)
Rage: Run For The Night (LP)
Rage (Metal): XIII (MP3)

Railway: Finally Back Best Of 20 Years
Rainbow: Bent Out Of Shape
Rainbow: Difficult To Cure
Rainbow: Down To Earth
Rainbow: Family Album - Rainbow Members Solo Recordings & Spin-Off Bands
Rainbow: Farewell To Dio - Live (DoCD - Mieser Sound)
Rainbow: Finyl Vinyl (Live)
Rainbow: Live In Atlanta 23.Juni 1978 (BBC Rock Hour)
Rainbow: Live In Germany 1976
Rainbow: Live In New York 30.November 1979 (BBC Rock Hour)
Rainbow: Long Live Rock'n'Roll
Rainbow: On Stage 1976
Rainbow: Pot Of Gold (Best) (MP3)

Rainbow: Rising (LP/CD)
Rainbow: Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Rainbow: Straight Between The Eyes
Rainbow: Stranger In Us All
Ramones: It's Alive
Randy Pie: Highway Driver (LP)
Rare Earth: Back To Earth (* MP3)

Raspberries: Best (LP)
Raspberries: Greatest
Ratt: Dancing Undercover 1986 (* MP3)
Ratt: Reach For The Sky 1988 (* MP3)
Rattles: Greatest Hits (3 CD's)
Rattles: Hot Wheels (LP)
Rattles: Painted Warrior (LP)
Raven: Break The Chain (* MP3)
Raven: Devils Carrion - DoLP (* MP3)
Raven: Mad (* MP3)
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Greatest Hits (MP3)

Rednex: Farm Out
Rednex: Maxi Remixes (Spirit Of The Hawk / Cotton Eye Joe / Wild'n'Free) (MP3)

Rednex: Sex & Violins
REM: Monster (MP3)
REM: Reveal (MP3)
Renaissance: Live - Can You Hear Me
REO Speedwagon: A Decade Of Rock & Roll (LP)
REO Speedwagon: Good Trouble (LP)
REO Speedwagon: Live 1977  - You Get What You Play For
REO Speedwagon: Nine Lives (LP)
REO Speedwagon: Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)
REO Speedwagon: The Earth, A Small Man
Revelation: House Of The Rising Sun (LP)
Rezillos: Can't Stand The Rezillos (LP)
Rhapsody: Dawn Of Victory (MP3)
Ricchi e Poveri: E Penso A Te (* MP3)
Richie Kotzen: Electric Joy (MP3)

Rick Springfield: Greatest Hits (*)
Rick Wakeman: My Inspiration (3 CD) (MP3)

Ringo Starr: Goodnight Vienna (LP)
Rita Coolidge: Fall Into Spring (LP)
Ritchie Blackmore: Rock Profile Vol.2
Roadmaster: Hey World 1979 (*)
Rob Rock: Woidl's Collection 2005 (MP3)
Robbie Williams: Escapology (MP3)
Robbie Williams: Live At Knebworth 2003 (MP3)
Robert Halford: Resurrection
Robert Halford: Resurrection LIVE (DoCD)
Robert Palmer: Addictions Volume One (*)
Robert Palmer: Live At The Apollo
Robert Plant: Shaken'n'Stirred (* MP3)
Rock Goddess: Hell Hath No Fury (LP)
Rock Goddess: Rock Goddess 1983 (LP)
Rockbitch: Motor Driven Bimbo (MP3)
Rocky Burnette: The Son Of Rock And Roll (LP)
Rod Stewart: Absolutely Live 1982
Rod Stewart: Maggie Mae
Rod Stewart: Rock Heavies (LP)
Roger Chapman: Live In Hamburg 1979 (LP)
Roger Chapman: Roger Chapman (3 CD's)
Roger Daltrey: Can't Wait To See The Movie (LP)
Roger Glover: Butterfly Ball (1974)
Roger Whittaker: A Little Goodbye (LP)
Rolling Stones: Bridges To Babylon (MP3)

Rolling Stones: Flashpoint (Live 1991)
Rolling Stones: Fourty Licks (DoCD) (MP3)
Rolling Stones: Get Off Of My Cloud (MP3)

Rolling Stones: Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out - Live 1969 in New York (LP)
Rolling Stones: Goats Head Soup (MP3)

Rolling Stones: Gold Collection
Rolling Stones: Hot Rocks 1964 - 1971 (DoLP)
Rolling Stones: It's Only Rock'n'Roll (LP)
Rolling Stones: No Security (Live 1998)
Rolling Stones: Profile (LP)
Rolling Stones: Some Girls (MP3)
Rolling Stones: Steel Wheels
Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers (MP3)
Rolling Stones: Stripped (Live)
Rolling Stones: Tattoo You
Rolling Stones: The London Years (MP3)
Rolling Stones: Their Satanic Majesties Request (MP3)
Rolling Stones: Voodoo Lounge
Romantics: Live - What I Like About You
Romeo's Daughter: Romeo's Daughter (LP)
Rondo Veneziano: 22 Song Collection (MP3)

Roni Griffith: Desire (LP)
Ronnie Montrose: The Speed Of Sound (LP)
Ronnie Spector: Unfinished Business (LP)
Rory Gallagher: Blueprint 1973 (MP3)
Rory Gallagher: Calling Card 1976 (MP3)
Rory Gallagher: Defender 1987 (* MP3)
Rory Gallagher: Fresh Evidence 1990 (MP3)
Rory Gallagher: Irish Tour - Live 1974
Rory Gallagher: Jinx 1982 (* MP3)
Rory Gallagher: Live In Europe 1972
Rory Gallagher: The Story Of Rory Gallagher (MP3)
Rory Gallagher: Top Priority   [Front]
Rory Gallagher: Top Priority (Special Edition) 1979 (MP3)

Rosanna Rocci: Rosanna
Rose Tattoo: 25 To Live (Live 2000)
Rose Tattoo: Assault And Battery (LP)
Rose Tattoo: Scarred For Live (Pic-LP)
Rose Tattoo: Rose Tattoo 1978 (LP)
Rosy Vista: You Better Believe It (LP)
Roxette: Baladas Un Espanol
Roxette: Crash Boom Bang
Roxette: Joyride
Roxette: Look Sharp
Roxette: Tourism Live & Others
Roxx: Get It Hot
Roxx: Roxx (LP)
Roxx Gang: Things You've Never Done Before (LP/*)
Roxy Music: Avalon
Roy: Roy
Roy Last Group: Rainchild   [Front]
Roy Orbison: Gold
Royal Trux: Accelerator (MP3)

Rubettes: Sign Of The Times (LP)
Rubettes: Sugar Baby Love (Greatest Hits)
Runaways: And Now The Runaways (LP)
Runaways: Best Of
Runaways: Flamming Schoolgirls (LP)
Runaways: Little Lost Girls (Pic-LP)
Runaways: Live In Japan 1977 (CD/LP)
Runaways: Queens Of Noise (CD/LP)
Runaways: Rock Heavies (LP)
Runaways: The Runaways 1976 (CD/LP)
Runaways: Waitin' For The Night (CD/LP)  [Cover]
Running Wild; Branded And Exiled (MP3)
Running Wild: Gates Of Purgatory (MP3)
Running Wild: Ready For Boarding (Live) (MP3)
Rush: 2112
Rush: Caress Of Steel 1975
Rush: Fly By Night 1975
Rush: Grace Under Pressure 1984
Rush: Hemispheres
Rush: Hold Your Fire 1987
Rush: Moving Pictures 1981
Rush: On Stage - Live 1981
Rush: Permanent Waves 1980
Rush: Power Windows 1985
Rush: Rush 1974
Rush: Signals 1982
Russ Ballard: At The Third Stroke (LP)
Russ Ballard: Barnet Dogs (LP)
Russ Ballard: Into The Fire (LP)
Russ Ballard: Voices (* MP3)

Ruth McCartney: I Will Always Remember You (LP)
Ry Cooder: Borderline (LP)
Saga: In Transit (LP)
Saga: Saga (MP3)
Saga: The Works (DoLP)
Sailor: Greatest Hits 1
Sailor: Greatest Hits 2
Sally Oldfield: Collection
Sam Brown: Stop! 1988
Samantha Fox: 21th Century Fox
Samantha Fox: Greatest Hits
Samantha Fox: I Wanna Have Some Fun (LP)
Samantha Fox: Just One Night (LP)
Samantha Fox: Samantha Fox (LP)
Samantha Fox: Special Edition (LP)
Samantha Fox: Touch Me (LP)
Sammy Davis jr.: 35 Great Performances (DoCD)
Sammy Gray: City Of Angels (MP3)

Sammy Hagar: VOA (LP *)
Samson: Before The Storm (LP)
Samson: Head Tactics (LP
Samson: Survivors (LP)
Sandra: The Art Of Love
Sandra: The Long Play (LP)
Sandy Shaw: The File Series (DoLP)
Santana: Borboletta (LP)
Santana: Latin Tropical   [Front]
Santana: Moonflower (DoLP)
Santana: Persuasion   [Front]
Saragossa Band: Party Mix (MP3)

Saragossa Band: Za Za Zabadak (LP)
Sarah Vaughan: Selection De Luxe (MP3)
Savatage: Diverse (MP3)
Saviour Machine: Live In Deutschland 2002
Saxon: A Collection Of Metal
Saxon: BBC Sessions 1980/1982/1986
Saxon: Crusader
Saxon: Denim & Leather
Saxon: Dogs Of War
Saxon: Forever Free
Saxon: Greatest Hits Live (DoLP)
Saxon: Innocence Is No Excuse (LP)
Saxon: Killing Ground
Saxon: Lionheart 2004
Saxon: Live At Monsters Of Rock 1980
Saxon: Metalhead
Saxon: Power & The Glory (LP)
Saxon: Solid Ball Of Rock
Saxon: Strong Arm Of The Law (LP)
Saxon: The Eagle Has Landed - Live 1981
Saxon: The Inner Sanctum 2007
Saxon: Unleash The Beast 2007
Saxon: Wheels Of Steel (LP)
Schubert: Toilet Songs (MP3)

Scorpions: Action (Lonesome Crew)
Scorpions: Acoustica
Scorpions: Animal Magnetism (MP3)
Scorpions: Best Of (LP)
Scorpions: Blackout (LP)
Scorpions: Crazy World
Scorpions: Face The Heat
Scorpions: In Trance (LP)
Scorpions: Love At First Sting (LP)
Scorpions: Lovedrive (LP)
Scorpions: Savage Amusement (LP)
Scorpions: Tokyo Tapes - Live 1978 (DoLP)
Scorpions: Virgin Killer (LP)
Screaming Lord Sutch: Alive And Well (LP)
Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Framed [Front]
Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Legend  [Front]
Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Live 1975 (LP)
Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Next [Front]
Sepp Hop: Sepp Hop (MP3)
Sepultura: Arise (MP3)

Sex Pistols: Flogging A Dead Horse (LP)
Sex Pistols: Never Mind The Bollocks (LP)
Sex Pistols: Some Product (LP)
Sex Pistols: The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle (DoLP)
Shadows: The Sdadows (LP)
Shakespeare's Sister: Hormonally Yours
Shakin' Stevens: Hot Dog (LP)
Shakin' Stevens: Shakin' (LP)
Shakin' Stevens: Shaky (LP)
Shakin' Stevens: Shaky 100 - Jetzt kommt Shaky (LP)
Shakin' Stevens: This Ole House (LP)
Shakin' Street: Shakin' Street 1980 (LP)
Shakira: Donde Estan Los Ladrones
Shakira: Laundry Service + Bonus DVD   [Front]
Shakira: Live 2004
Sham 69: Hersham Boys (LP)
Sham 69: Soapy Water & Mr. Marmalade  (MP3)

Shangri-Las: 16 Greatest
Shania Twain: For The Love Of Him
Shania Twain: The Woman In Me
Shania Twain: Up!
Sharp: This Is Sharp (MP3)

Sheila B. Devotion: Disco Singles Sampler
Sheila B. Devotion: King Of The World 1979
Sheila Walsh: Future Eyes 1984 (LP)
Sherbs: The Skill (*)
Sheryl Crow: Tuesday Night Music Club
Shocking Blue: 20 Greatest Hits
Shocking Blue: 1969 At Home (MP3)
Shocking Blue: 1970 Scorpio's Dance (MP3)
Shocking Blue: 1971 The 3rd Album (MP3)
Shocking Blue: 1972 Inkpot (MP3)
Shocking Blue: 1972 Atilla (MP3)
Shocking Blue: 1973 Dream On Dreamer (MP3)
Shocking Blue: 1974 Good Times (MP3)
Shocking Blue: Shocking Blue
Shocking Blue: 1994 The Best Of Shocking Blue (MP3)
Shola Ama: Much Love 1996 (MP3)
Showaddywaddy: Best Of
Showaddywaddy: Greatest Hits II
Showaddywaddy: Showaddywaddy (LP)
Showaddywaddy: Under The Moon Of Love (LP)
Sid Vicious: Sid Sings 1979 (LP)
Silver Convention: Fly Robin Fly (LP)
Silver Convention: Get Up And Boogie
Silver Convention: Madhouse (LP)
Simon & Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Water (LP)
Simon & Garfunkel: Gold Collection
Simon & Garfunkel: Greatest Hits
Simon & Garfunkel: Greatest Hits 1972 (LP)
Sinitta: Sinitta 1987 (LP)
Sir Douglas Quintett: The Collection (DoLP)
Sister Sledge: Live 1993
Siouxie And The Banshees: The Scream (LP)
Skaos: Ham & Eggs (MP3)

Skeeter Davis: The End Of The World (MP3)
Skew Siskin: Skew Siskin (MP3)
Skid Row: Slave To The Grind (MP3)

Sky: Sky 2 (DoLP)
Skyclad: Silent Whales Of Lunar Sea (MP3)

Slade: Alive 1972
Slade: Amazing Kamikaze Syndrom
Slade: Grosse Erfolge (LP)
Slade: On Stage 1982
Slade: Rogues Gallery (*)
Slade: Wall Of Hits
Slayer: God Hates Us All 2001 (MP3)

Slayer: Reign In Blood (LP)
Slayer: Show No Mercy (LP)
Slayer: The Collection
Sleepy Sleepers: Best Of Sleepy Sleepers
Sleepy Sleepers: In The Rio (LP)
Sleepy Sleepers: Livet I Bordell (LP)
Sleepy Sleepers: The Mopott Show (LP)
Small Faces: Grosse Erfolge (MP3)

Small Faces: Odgens Nut Gone Celebrated (LP in white Vynil)
Smashed Gladys: Social Intercourse (1988)
Smokey: Smokey 1975 (LP)
Smokie: Bright Lights And Back Alleys
Smokie: Changing All The Times
Smokie: Forever (32 Hits)
Smokie: Greatest Hits (LP)
Smokie: Greatest Hits Live 1989
Smokie: Greatest Live 1989
Smokie: Montreux Album (LP)
Smokie: Pass It Around
Sophie B. Hawkins: Timbre
Sophie B. Hawkins: Tongues And Tails 1992
Sound Of One Hand: 8 Slaps (MP3)

Sparks: A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing (LP)
Sparks: Kimono My House (LP)
Sparks Faith: 1989 (LP)
Spencer Davis Group: Keep On Running
Spider: Raise The Banner (* MP3)
Spider: Rock'n'Roll Gypsies (* MP3)
Spin Doctors: Pocket Full Of Kryptonite + 3 Live Tracks  (MP3)

Spliff Radio Show: Spliff Radio Show (*)
Spooky Tooth: Spooky Two (LP)
Spooky Tooth: The Last Puff (LP)
Spooky Tooth: The Mirror
Spooky Tooth: You Broke My Heart (LP)
Spys: Spys 1982 (LP)
Stars On 45: Volume 2 (LP)
Status Quo: 1982
Status Quo: Ain't Complaining
Status Quo: Back To Back
Status Quo: Blue For You
Status Quo: Don't Stop
Status Quo: Down The Dustpipe (LP)   [Front]
Status Quo: Famous In The Last Century
Status Quo: Fresh Quota (LP)   [Front]
Status Quo: Golden Hour (LP)
Status Quo: Heavy Traffic 2002
Status Quo: Hello
Status Quo: Hit Album (LP)
Status Quo: If You Can't Stand The Heat
Status Quo: In Search Of The Fourth Chord 2007
Status Quo: In The Army Now (1986)
Status Quo: Just Supposin' (1980)
Status Quo: Live 1976
Status Quo: Live 1976 At The Apollo Theatre (DoLP/CD)
Status Quo: Live Alive Quo
Status Quo: Live At The N.E.C. 1982 (LP)
Status Quo: Live At The N.E.C.
Status Quo: Live At The Apollo (LP)
Status Quo: LP Sessions Part 1 *
Status Quo: Motive
Status Quo: Never Too Late
Status Quo: On The Level (LP)
Status Quo: Pictures Of Matchstick Men (LP)
Status Quo: Piledriver (1972)
Status Quo: Portrait
Status Quo: Quo
Status Quo: Rock Till You Drop
Status Quo: Rockin' All Over The World
Status Quo: Rockin' All Over The Years
Status Quo: Singles Collection 1968/1969
Status Quo: Singles Collection 1966-1973 & Rarities
Status Quo: Singles Collection 1970-1973
Status Quo: The Best Of
Status Quo: The File Series (DoLP)
Status Quo: The Party Ain't Over Yet 2005
Status Quo: The Rest Of Status Quo (LP)
Status Quo: Tune To The Music
Status Quo: Under The Influence
Status Quo: Whatever You Want
Steeleye Span: Tempted And Tired (MP3)
Steelheart: Steelheart
Steelheart: Tangled In Reins 1992 (*)
Steppenwolf: 16 Greatest Hits
Steppenwolf: At Your Birthday Party (LP)
Steppenwolf: Skullduggery
Steve Earle: Copperhead Road (LP)
Steve Miller Band: Live 1983 (LP)
Steve Miller Band: Very Best Of
Steve Winwood: Refugees Of The Heart 1990 (LP)
Stevie Nicks: Bella Donna (LP)
Stevie Nicks: Rock A Little (LP)
Stevie Nicks: The Other Side Of The Mirror (LP)
Stevie Nicks: The Wild Heart 1983 (CD/MP3)
Stingray: Best Of Stingray
Stingray: Better The Devil You Know
Stingray: Operation Stingray
Stone & Stone: Memories (MP3)
Stone Temple Pilots: Tiny Music (MP3)

Stormwitch: Eye Of The Storm (LP)
Stormwitch: The Beauty And The Beast
Straight Shooter: Get Straight (LP)
Straight Shooter: My Time Your Time
Strangeways: Native Songs (LP)
Stranglers: Aural Sculpture (LP)
Stranglers: Black And White (LP)
Stranglers: Collection 1977 - 1982
Stranglers: The Raven (LP)
Stray Cats: Blast Off (MP3)
Stray Cats: Built For Speed (MP3)
Stray Cats: Choo Choo Hot Fish (MP3)
Stray Cats: Cruisin' Round Sixteen Candles (MP3)
Stray Cats: Gonna Ball (MP3)
Stray Cats: Live From Europe (MP3)
Stray Cats: Original Cool (MP3)
Stray Cats: Rant'n'Rave With The Stray Cats (MP3)
Stray Cats: Rock Therapy (MP3)
Stray Cats: Rock This Town (MP3)
Stray Cats: Rumble In Brixton - Live
Stray Cats: Something Else LIVE (MP3)
Stray Cats: Stray Cats 1981 (MP3)
Streetheart: Dancing With Danger (LP)
Streetheart: Drugstore Dancer (LP)
Streetheart: Meanwhile Back In Paris (LP)
Streetheart: Under Heaven Over Hell (LP)
Stryper: In God We Trust (LP)
Stryper: Reborn (MP3)
Stryper: To Hell With The Devil (MP3)

Styx: Best Of (LP in Blue Vinyl)
Styx: Best Of Styx
Styx: Caught In The Act - Live 1984 (DoCD)
Styx: Cornerstone
Styx: Crystal Ball
Styx: Equinox
Styx: Grand Illusion
Styx: Kilroy Was Here (LP)
Styx: Live Hits From Yesterday & Today 1997 bis 2000
Styx: Pieces Of Eight
Styx: Return To Paradise (Live 1997)
Styx: Styx 1972 (LP)
Super Drumming: Killer Rockdrum Highlights
Supermax: Types Of Skin (LP)
Supertramp: Crime Of The Century (LP)
Supertramp: Live In Paris 1980 (DoCD)
Survivor: Eye Of The Tiger (MP3)
Suzi Quatro: A's & B's Rarities
Suzi Quatro: Aggro-Phobia (CD/LP)
Suzi Quatro: Gold Collection
Suzi Quatro: Greatest Hits
Suzi Quatro: If You Knew Suzi (LP)
Suzi Quatro: Live 1977
Suzi Quatro: Oh Suzi Q.
Suzi Quatro: Quatro 1974 (CD/LP)
Suzi Quatro: Rock Hard (LP)
Suzi Quatro: Suzi & Other Four Letter Words (CD/LP)
Suzi Quatro: Suzi Quatro 1973 (CD/LP)
Suzi Quatro: Your Mama Won't Like Me (LP)
Sweet: Bertl-Collection  (MP3)

Sweet: Biggest Hits (LP)
Sweet: Blockbusters (Best)
Sweet: Desolation Boulevard   [Front]
Sweet: First Recordings 1968 - 1971
Sweet: Funny Funny How Sweet CoCo Can Be
Sweet: Give Us A Wink
Sweet: Great Sweet Live (Strung Up, u.a.)
Sweet: Grosse Erfolge (LP)
Sweet: Land Of Hope And Glory (Live in Japan)
Sweet: Live At The Marquee 1989
Sweet: Live In England 1976 (LP)
Sweet: Live In Japan
Sweet: Live In Schweden 1971
Sweet: Off The Record
Sweet: Platinum Rare
Sweet: Rocking The Rainbow (Live 1973)
Sweet: Sweet Funny Adams (CD/LP)
Sweet: Sweet On The Run (Rare, Unreleased & Outtakes)
Sweet: The Sweet
Sweet: Previously Unreleased Tracks and Versions
Sweet F.A.: Temptation (LP)
Swim Two Birds: Not Serious (MP3)

Sylvie Marechal: J'ai L'rock T'as L'Blues (LP)
Sylvie Vartan: Live In Paris 1977 (DoLP)
Sylvie Vartan: Palais Des Congress 2004 - Live (DoCD)
Sylvie Vartan: Sylvie Vartan 1995
T'Pau: Bridge Of Spies 1987 (LP)
T.Rex: Best Of Marc Bolan & T.Rex
T.Rex: Billy Super Duper (MP3)

T.Rex: Greatest Hits 1
T.Rex: Greatest Hits 2
T.Rex: Greatest Hits Pickwick (DoLP)
T.Rex: Millenium Collection (DoCD)
T.Rex: Pop Giants (LP)
T.Rex: Zink Alloy 1974 (LP)
T.N.T.: Tell No Tales 1987 (LP)
Talking Heads: Little Creatures 1985 (LP)
Tanja: Tanja 1989 (LP)
Tanja Thomas (Michelle): My Passion 2006
Tanya Tucker: Changes 1982 (LP)
Tanya Tucker: T.N.T. 1978 (LP)
Tanya Tucker & Friends: Greatest Hits
Taste: Taste 1969 (LP)
Taylor Dayne: Can't Fight Fate
Taylor Dayne: Tell It To My Heart (LP)
Teach In: Teach In 1979 (LP)
Teaze: A Taste Of Teaze 1984 (LP)
Tease: Live In Japan 1978 (LP)
Teaze: One Night Stands 1985 (LP)
Ted Neeley: 1974 A.D. (LP)
Ted Nugent: Cat Scratch Fever
Ted Nugent: Free For All
Ted Nugent: Intensities - Live 1981 (LP)
Ted Nugent: Live In Ten Cities (LP)
Ted Nugent: Scream Dream
Ted Nugent: State Of Shock (LP)
Ted Nugent: Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent: Wango Tango (LP)
Ted Nugent: Weekend Warriors
Ten Years After: Profile (LP)
Ten Years After: Recorded Live 1973
Tesla: Call It What You Want
Testament: Live At Eindhoven 1987 (LP)
Texas: Greatest Hits (MP3)
Texas: Southside (MP3)
Texas Lightning: Meanwhile Back At The Ranch + Videos (MP3)
The Bates: Kicks'n'Chicks (MP3)

Theocracy: Theocracy 2003
Thin Lizzy: Bad Reputation
Thin Lizzy: Black Rose
Thin Lizzy: Chinatown
Thin Lizzy: Greatest Hits (MP3)
Thin Lizzy: Jailbreak 1976
Thin Lizzy: Johnny The Fox
Thin Lizzy: Live And Dangerous - Live 1976/1977
Thin Lizzy: Renegade
Thin Lizzy: Thunder And Lightning
Thin Lizzy: Vagabounds Of The Western World
Three Dog Night: Best Of
Thunderhead: Behind The Eight Ball 1989 (LP)
Thunderhead: Busted At The Border 1990 (MP3)

Thunderstick: Feels Like Rock'n'Roll 1983 (LP)
Tina: Viva Amore 1989 (LP)
Tina Turner: Break Every Rule 1986 (LP)
Tina Turner: Country Album
Tina Turner: Foreign Affair
Tina Turner: Keeps On Rocking
Tina Turner: Live In Europe
Tina Turner: Live 2009 in Arnheim/Holland
Tina Turner: Musical History Of Ike & Tina Turner
Tina Turner: Nutbush City Limits 1973 (LP)
Tina Turner: Private Dancer - Expanded Version
Tina Turner: The Bitch Is Back (Pic-LP)
Tina Turner: Twenty Four Seven 1999
Tina Turner: What's Love Got To Do With It (Soundtrack)
Titanic: Titanic 1970 (LP)
Todd Rundgren: Anthology (* MP3)

Todd Rundgren: Back To The Bars - Live 1978 (LP)
Tokyo Blade: Blackhearts & Jaded Spades 1985 (LP)
Tokyo Blade: Night Of The Blade
Tokyo Blade: Tokyo Blade 1983 (LP)
Tokyo Blade: Tokyo Blade - Laserlight
Tom Jones: Mister Jones (MP3)

Tom Jones: Very Best Of (2 CD's)
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Into The Great Wide Open (MP3)
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: The Last D.J. (MP3)
Tom Robinson Band: Power In The Darkness   [Front]
Toni Braxton: Secrets (MP3)
Tony Carey: Some Tough City (* MP3)

Tony Christie: Amerillo (Best Of)
Topas: Train To An Island 1979/1980 (LP)
Topas: Train To An Island + Single
Torch: Electrikiss 1984 (LP)
Toto: Greatest Hits 1+2 (MP3)
Toto: Past To Present (MP3)
Trace Balin: Here And Now 1990 (* MP3)

Tracy Ullman: You Broke My Heart In 17 Places (LP)
Traffic: On The Road
Trance: Rockers
Trans Am: Born To Boogie
Transatlantic: SMPTE (MP3)

Transvision Vamp: Pop Art 1988 (LP)
Trashqueen: Ashed To Ashes (LP)
Trashqueen: Manslayer (LP)
Travelling Wilburys: Volume 1 (*)
Travelling Wilburys: Volume 3 (*)
Treat: Dreamhunter (LP)
Treat: Organized Crime (LP)
Trevor Rabin: Can't Look Away (* MP3)

Trevor Rabin: Face To Face
Trini Lopez: Greatest Hits
Trish Murphy: Rubies On The Lawn 1999
Triumph: Classics 1978-1986 (LP *)
Triumph: In The Beginning 1976
Triumph: Just A Game 1979 (LP / *)
Triumph: Live in Cleveland 1981
Triumph: Live in Dallas 1984
Triumph: Never Surrender
Triumph: Progressions Of Power 1980 (LP / *)
Triumph: Rock'n'Roll Machine 1977
Triumph: Stages Live 1983-1985 (DoLP *)
Triumph: Thunder Seven 1984 (LP *)
Trooper: Thick As Thieves 1978
Trooper: Two For The Show 1976
Trust: Soulagez - Vous Dans Les Urnes 2006
Tubes: Completion Backward Principle 1981 (LP)
Tubes: Remote Control 1979 (LP)
Tubes: White Punks On Dope Edition 1975
Tubes: Trash
Tubes: What Do You Want From Live 1978
Twisted Sister: Live At Detroit 1979
Twisted Sister: Live At Hammersmith 1984
Twisted Sisters: Love Is For Suckers (MP3)
Twisted Sister: Ruff Cutts 1982 (LP)
Twisted Sister: Stay Hungry 1984 (MP3)
Tygers Of Pan Tang: Crazy Night 1981 (LP)
Tygers Of Pan Tang: The Cage 1982 (LP)
Tygers Of Pan Tang: Wild Cat 1980 (LP)
U2: Achtung Baby (MP3)
U2: October (MP3)
U2: Pop (MP3)
U2: Rattle & Rum (MP3)

U8: Pegasus 1001 (LP *)
U8: The Shaber (LP *)
UFO: Anthology (DoLP)
UFO: Covenant
UFO: Force It 1975 (LP)
UFO: Lights Out 1977
UFO: Live In Japan (LP)
UFO: Live In Tokyo - Lights Out In Tokyo 1993
UFO: Live in USA 2000
UFO: Misdemeanor 1985 (LP)
UFO: No Place To Run 1980 (LP)
UFO: Obsession
UFO: Phenomenon 1974
UFO: Profile 1970/1971/1972 (LP)
UFO: Strangers In The Night (Live 1980) (DoLP) + CD
Ugly Kid Joe: Menace To Sobriety 1995 (MP3)

Uli Jon Roth: Aquila Suite
Uli Jon Roth: Electric Sun - Beyond The Astral Skies
Uli Jon Roth: Electric Sun - Earthquake (CD & LP)
Uli Jon Roth: Electric Sun - Fire Wind
Uli Jon Roth: Metamorphosis
Uli Jon Roth: Prologue To The Symphonic Legends
Uli Jon Roth: Transcendental Sky Guitar (DoCD)
Underworld: Change The Weather 1989 (LP)
Underworld: Underneath The Radar 1988 (LP)
Uriah Heep: Abominog 1982 (LP)
Uriah Heep: Anthology (DoLP)
Uriah Heep: BBC Sessions + Live Sessions 1971/1972
Uriah Heep: Conquest 1980 (LP)
Uriah Heep: Demons And Wizards 1972
Uriah Heep: Fallen Angel 1978 (LP)
Uriah Heep: Firefly + Bonus Tracks
Uriah Heep: Live At Shepperton 1974
Uriah Heep: Live In England 1986
Uriah Heep: Live In Europe 1979 (DoCD + Bonus Tracks)
Uriah Heep: Live In Germany (LP)
Uriah Heep: Live Januar 1973 In Great Britain (DoLP+DoCD + Bonus Tracks)

Uriah Heep: Look At Yourself
Uriah Heep: Magician's Birthday
Uriah Heep: Return To Fantasy 1975 (CD+Bonus Tracks)
Uriah Heep: Salisbury 1970 (CD+Bonus Tracks)
Uriah Heep: Sweet Freedom 1973 (CD+Bonus Tracks)
Uriah Heep: Very 'eavy Very 'umble + Bonus Tracks
Uriah Heep: Wonderworld 1974 (MP3)
Ute Lemper: Life Is A Cabaret (LP)
Vain: No Respect (MP3)

Vanessa Mae: Violin Player
Vanilla Ninja: Traces Of Sadness (Limited Edition DoCD)
Vaya Con Dios: Night Owls
Van Halen: 3 (1998)
Van Halen: 5150 (LP)
Van Halen: Balance (MP3)
Van Halen: Best Of Volume 1
Van Halen: Diver Down
Van Halen: Fair Warning 1981 (LP)
Van Halen: Van Halen I 1977 (LP)
Van Halen: Van Halen II 1979 (LP)
Van Halen: Women And Children First 1980 (LP)
Van Morrison: Hymns To The Silence (DoCD) (MP3)

Van Morrison: Live 1973 (DoLP)
Vanessa Amorosi: The Power (MP3)

Vanilla Fudge: Golden Age Dreams
Vanilla Fudge: Illusions Of My Childhood 1973 (LP)
Vanilla Fudge: Star Collection (LP)
Vanilla Ninja: Blue Tattoo
Vanilla Ninja: Traces Of Sadness (DoCD)
Vardis: Quo Vardis 1981 (LP)
Velvet Viper (Jutta Weinhold): Velvet Viper 1992   [Front]
Ventures: Greatest Hits (MP3)

Vice: Second Excess (LP)
Virgin Steele: Virgin Steele (MP3)
Viva: Dealers Of The Night 1982 (LP)
Viva: What The Hell is Going On 1981
Vixen: Rev It Up
Vixen: Tangerine
Vixen: Vixen 1
VSOP: VSOP 1988 (LP)
Waltari: Big Bang (MP3)
Waltari: Yeah Yeah Die Die (MP3)
Warlock: Burning The Witches (LP)
Warlock: Hellbound 1985 (LP)
Warlock: Triumph & Agony 1987 (MP3)
Warlock: True As Steel (LP)
Warrant: Best Of (MP3)
Warrant: Cherry Pie (MP3)
WASP: The Crimson Idol
WASP: The Headless Children 1989 (MP3)
WASP: The Last Command 1985 (LP)
Wendy & Lisa: Eroica 1990 (LP)
Wendy O'Williams: WOW 1984 (* MP3)
What: 5 Tracks (MP3)
White Lion: Big Game (MP3)
White Lion: Pride (MP3)
White Stripes: Elephant (MP3)

White Stripes: Get Behind Me Satan
Whitesnake: 1987
Whitesnake: Come An' Get It 1981 (LP)
Whitesnake: Live In The Heat Of The City 1978/1980 (DoLP)
Whitesnake: Live In The Heat Of The City 1978/1980 (CD-Version)

Whitesnake: Live In The Shadow Of The Blues 2006 (DoCD)
Whitesnake: Lovehunter 1979 (LP)
Whitesnake: Saints And Sinners 1982 (LP)
Whitesnake: Slide It In 1984
Whitesnake: Snakebite 1977/1978 (LP)
Whitesnake: Starkers In Tokyo (Unplugged) 1997
Whitesnake: Trouble 1978 (LP)
Who: Best Of (MP3)
Who: Live At Isle Of Wight 12.06.2004 (DoCD)
Who: Live At Leeds 1970 (LP)
Who: Tommy
Who: Tommy - Original Soundtrack 1975
Who: Who's Next (LP)
Wilson Phillips: W.P. 1990 (LP)
Winters Bane: Heart Of A Killer (MP3)

Wishbone Ash: Millenium Collection
Wishbone Ash: Number The Brave 1981 (LP)
Witchfinder General: Friends Of Hell 1983 (LP)
Witness: Witness 1988 (LP)
Wizzard: Best Of
Wonderbeats: Back In Time (MP3)
Wrathchild: Nuklear Rocket & Live 1988 (LP)
Wreckless Eric: Big Smash 1980 (DoLP)
X: Under The Big Black Sun 1982 (LP)
XIT: Plight Of The Redman 1981 (LP)
XIT: Rainbow Rider 1976 (LP)
XIT: Silent Warrior 1981 (LP)
XTC: Greatfire 1983 (LP)
Y+T: (Yesterday & Today) In Rock We Trust 1984 (LP)
Y+T: (Yesterday & Today) Live 1990 (DoLP)
Yancey: Yancey 1976 (LP)
Yayhoos: Fear Not The Obvious 2001
Yes: 90125
Yes: Millenium Collection (DoCD)
Yes: Myths And Legends Of King Arthur 1975 (LP)
Yes: Relayer 1974 (LP)
Yes: Time And A Word 1971 (LP)
Yes: Tormato 1978 (LP)
Yes: Yes 1969 (LP)
Yngwie J. Malmsteen: Marching Out 1985 (*)
Zar: Live Your Life Forever 1989 (LP)
Zebra: 3.V 1986 (LP)
Zed Yago (Jutta Weinhold): From Over Yonder 1988 (LP)
Zed Yago (Jutta Weinhold): From The Twillight Zone
Zed Yago (Jutta Weinhold): Pilgrimage 1988 (LP)
ZZ Top: Afterburner 1985
ZZ Top: Antenna
ZZ Top: Eliminator
ZZ Top: Fandango 1975 (LP)
ZZ Top: Greatest Hits
ZZ Top: Incinerator
ZZ Top: Motor City Blues (Live In USA)
ZZ Top: One Foot In The Blues (MP3)

ZZ Top: Recycler
ZZ Top: Tres Hombres 1973 (LP)
ZZ Top: Viva Las Vegas

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